Multi-Channel Marketing Automation

Maintaining a marketing presence across various media platforms can be tricky.
You have to

  • Maintain consistency across multiple marketing platforms
  • Collate the responses from each level of activity
  • Analyze the results and measure campaign effectiveness

MindMatrix's Marketing Automation Software, AMP, can help you address these challenges by automating multi-channel, multi-step communications. Here’s what you can do with AMP—

  • Generate marketing materials for multiple marketing channels including e-mail marketing, print marketing, social media marketing, YouTube marketing, blogs and more!
  • Track recipient response to various marketing and sales campaigns across all touch-points, getting  a “real time” 360 degree view of each prospect
  • Measure the results of your marketing campaigns across various media so as to determine the returns on the marketing investment in each channel
  • Capture buyer attributes across all verticals and merge them with your marketing database so as to increase marketing effectiveness.
  • Gain powerful customer insight that enables you to personalize your marketing and sales strategies for better results

AMP helps you to truly engage in multi-channel marketing by helping you pick the right medium, at the right time, to connect with your prospects and then offers you all the behind-the-scene information you need to close a deal.

Multi-channel marketing module