Marketing Automation Software for Manufacturing and Distribution

Solutions to help you stay connected with your dealers and support multiple distribution channels in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Enable your distributors to maximize success selling your products and services.

Marketing for the manufacturing industry means having to nurture great B2B relationships while supporting geographically-dispersed distribution channels. As a manufacturer, success depends on how well your brand is marketed and sold by the distributors. MindMatrix has designed automation tools to ensure your distributors market your product effectively. Read on to know more about how MindMatrix’s AMP solutions can help you.

Create On-Going, Fruitful Relations with Your Prospects/Distributors

The key to success with a multiple distribution-channel model is to keep your product top-most in the mind of every distributor! AMP has the answer. AMP offers an innovative Lead Prospecting solution to help you stay in contact with your dealers and prospects, consistently. The entire process can be automated. Enjoy better loyalty and contact management with our solution providing you a holistic view of your prospects and dealers. Groom a cold lead and nurture them till they’re sales-ready and keep in touch with them through newsletters, Facebook updates, monthly e-mails etc. These trackable communication methods enable you to fully understand your dealers and prospect’s interests, so you offer them the information that will attract them to your product offerings.

Brand Management Solutions

So you have distribution chains and channels that are dispersed, and are finding it challenging to maintain brand coherence across broad fronts? AMP’s Brand Management Solution ensures that your marketers and distributors have instant, on-demand access to all your marketing and sales materials, including product catalogs, brochures, and spec sheets. This module also ensures that all of these documents adhere to your corporate branding standards. Distributors can customize and tailor materials without damaging your core product message and graphics. Additionally, these modules allow for automatic data updates to ensure every document contains the most recent, accurate information—so a geographically dispersed sales/marketing model is not a challenge anymore!

Make Your Brand a Favorite with Dealers and Salespeople by providing them with On-Demand Marketing Support

Are your widely-dispersed sales channels wearing out your marketing department with daily demands for customer-specific sales materials? Now you can provide those without breaking the budget! Presenting AMP’s Sales and Marketing Materials Creation Solution that supports creation of high-quality sales and marketing materials in multiple media formats including e-mail, PDF flyers & brochures, social media and print. Whether it’s a product website or a multi-product catalog or a tech-spec sheet, your dealers/distributors/sales-force can choose the right medium to educate their prospects about your products and to drive sales. With AMP’s solutions make your distributors self-reliant by helping them create high-impact sales materials on-demand within a fraction of the usual time.

The Never Ending Demand for Measurable ROI

Measure the effectiveness of your dealers and distributors marketing activities. AMP’s Marketing Effectiveness Measurement Module quantitatively measures a prospect’s response to your distributor’s marketing strategy. AMP uses an advanced reporting system that tells you exactly which campaigns adopted by your dealers and distributors are working. Details such as sales and marketing materials created/used, materials sent out, leads contacted, or leads converted are available at a single click. You have access to exact numbers that can clearly indicate the return on marketing investments.

Give Your Distributors and Field Personnel the Capacity to Personalize Their Response to Product Inquiries

Do you want to be in the forefront of every distributor’s product campaign? Make it easier for them to customize sales materials by increasing their knowledge of each customer. AMP’s Personalization Solution allows distributors to analyze prospect buying behavior and personalize their marketing and sales materials.

Equipped with digital footprint analyzers (DFAs), our solutions allow your team to read and respond to every prospect action and behavior. Our solution automatically delves into prospect behavior and provides useful details such as the pages of your site prospects visit, the documents they download, or the links they clicked. This insight allows field sales and distributors to focus on the most important leads and carefully tailor their sales and marketing approach. Now your team can respond to prospects with a personal touch.

Leverage Social Media for Optimum Results

Want to use social media to gain the attention of new prospects without increasing staff?

To stay ahead of competition, you and your distributors need to deploy innovative and effective marketing strategies. This involves harnessing the power of Social Media. But this demands time-intensive daily oversight. AMP’s Social Media Marketing Module offers a better solution. You can automate this process and keep all your social media sites up-to-date with less labor and greater brand consistency. Using this module, you will be able to differentiate your brand and product on social networking sites such as Facebook & Twitter. Create custom Facebook profile images, generate customized Facebook pages for your brand, or showcase your multi/single product brochures on Facebook!