Marketing Automation Software for Hi-Tech industry

Innovative Solutions that Help You Stay Ahead of Competition

Are you looking for innovative solutions that can streamline your Marketing and Sales processes strategically? As a participant in one of the fastest growing business sectors, your business needs to be dynamic, pro-active and competitive. AMP’s marketing solutions help you stay ahead of competition by maximizing your marketing & sales effectiveness.

Ensure Your Sales & Marketing Materials are Up-to-Date… Always

Given the dynamic nature of Hi-tech industries, marketing materials become obsolete fast. Your sales staff must be constantly up-dated. AMP’s sales and marketing materials creation module will ensure that your staff has the access to only the latest product/service data. Adopting a database-driven approach to sales and marketing materials creation and brand management, AMP’s solution ensures that any change in data is transferred automatically to all relevant materials—so that everyone is on the 'same page.' Obsolescence costs? They will drop, as your sales and marketing teams will have on-demand access to electronic versions of latest product brochures and tech-spec sheets.

Increase Participation and Loyalty of Your Channel Partners

Think your channel partners aren’t pushing your product/service hard enough? Give them a compelling reason to do so! Streamline and simplify the marketing and sales process for your product/service so you can become the most recommended vendor by your channel partners! With AMP’s solutions, your channel partners will have on-demand access to the latest marketing and sales materials, and will also be able to create new ones at low-cost. This will help increase partner participation and thus drive more sales. Our solutions are easy-to-use and highly effective, so your channel partners won’t be deterred by intimidating or complex interfaces.

Track the Efforts of Your Channel Partner’s Marketing Campaigns

Are you concerned that your channel partner’s marketing or sales efforts may be wasted or misdirected? AMP provides you with tools that help you identify and track the results of your teams’ as well as your channel partner’s marketing and sales campaigns.

AMP’s Reporting & Analytics solution is equipped with advanced reporting features which provide a clear view of your channel partner’s marketing efforts. Understand exactly what marketing/sales tactics your distributors engaged in, analyze the results, and calculate the ROI of those efforts. You will have all the data you need to drive required course corrections. Through automated partner/distributor communication tracking capabilities, our solution allows for full analysis of all direct and indirect sales channel activities.

Know Your Prospects Better

How do you guarantee your sales staff is recognizing the specific needs and demands of a prospect? In the Hi-tech arena you need to anticipate user requirements, know your prospects and recognize their developing needs in order to be effective. AMP’s Smart Lead Management solution analyzes the customer’s ‘Digital footprint’ and cues you in to prospect behavior. For example, you will know which marketing e-mail was visited by your prospect, which page of your website was visited, how many times, and which links were clicked. Such in-depth data will help your sales team refine their approach towards each lead so that they can respond in the right way, at the right time, and close more deals—faster.

Follow-up with Your Prospects Effectively

Your prospects don’t make buying decisions quickly or impulsively. Approvals at multiple levels, demos to various organizational constituencies, in-depth competitive analysis of various vendors and budgetary discussions are all a part of the Hi-tech purchase cycle and you need to stay in touch with your prospect through this entire process. AMP’s Lead Prospecting solution makes this easy by helping you stay connected with your prospect so when it’s time for them to make a purchase decision, they select you.