Marketing Automation Software for Advertising & Design Firms

Are you looking for lasting means to differentiate your firm from your competitors, to win new business, and to keep other firms from encroaching on your accounts? Then we have a solution for you…

MindMatrix works as a partner with select advertising, marketing, and design firms. Our AMP solutions allow your organization to offer that "something extra" to your clients – unique, competitive functionality under your own brand. The focus is on extending your marketing capacities, allowing your clients' direct- and indirect-channel sales forces to be more efficient at driving revenue over a long period of time.

With AMP, your firm will:

  • Stand apart from your competition to win new business
  • Establish a standardized marketing asset repository, as well as a distribution mechanism that gives your clients even more ROI on your marketing work and keeps you plugged in to your clients' business for the long term
  • Create an ideal method to provide more of your high-value, creative services as you minimize low-margin work and expand into new projects and areas within your clients
  • Be able to provide your clients with a personalized marketing experience like never before

A few of the marketing benefits you and your clients will receive:

  • Resources dedicated to creative development, rather than time-consuming tasks such as updating materials
  • Reduced printing, handling, and obsolescence costs through on-demand access to current, electronic versions of materials
  • Effective brand management for geographically-distributed sales forces and sales channel partners
  • Easy management of legal requirements through efficient compliance enforcement and administration
  • Ability to engage in personalized marketing strategies that yield better results

A few of the sales benefits you and your clients will receive:

  • On-demand production of high-impact pre-sales and sales materials, automatically updated for consistency and accuracy
  • Less reliance on a busy marketing staff and lengthy internal processes, allowing shorter response times to prospects and customers
  • Automated lead generation/nurturing with market- or customer-specific messaging
  • Automated customer/partner/distributor communication tracking capabilities (newsletters, product offers, updates etc.) for improved retention and cross-selling
  • Transparency to direct and indirect sales channels, using advanced reporting functionality