Measure your Marketing Efforts with Marketing Automation

Are you struggling to quantify the return on your marketing campaigns? When you engage in multi-step, multi-channel marketing campaigns that stretch across various regions, developing a usable set of metrics to evaluate these varied tactics can be difficult. How to measure the returns on these varied marketing investments is one question all CMOs wrestle with. MindMatrix's Marketing Automation Software, AMP, solves this by automating the marketing analytics function and enabling easy and accurate marketing effectiveness measurement.

AMP's reporting module allows you to—

  • Measure the effectiveness of various marketing activities - AMP gathers, compiles, and analyzes data related to marketing and creates meaningful reports that help you understand what works and what doesn't—across multiple marketing channels such as print marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and web marketing.
  • Make effective use of resources - With AMP, the report generation process is easy and user-friendly so that you don't have to waste time preparing cumbersome spreadsheets and charts
  • Analyze marketing results and determine their effectiveness - AMP offers over 30 built-in reports. Additionally, customized reports can be generated based on various criteria such as
    • Marketing media type
    • Contact demographics
    • User activity
    • Cost-benefit analysis

Deploying AMP will help you measure your marketing effectiveness and thus enable you to make the right marketing investment decisions so that the marketing process is effective and efficient in delivering the kind of results that are expected of you.

With AMP, you have information on your marketing ROI at your fingertips,literally!

Marketing Effectiveness Measurement