Empower your sales team with a marketing automation solution that brings about better sales-marketing alignment

AMP is the Next Generation Marketing Automation Software that brings about total sales-marketing alignment so you can enjoy the benefits of a perfectly-matched, seamlessly integrated sales and marketing process. While most marketing automation solutions focus on marketing, AMP is the single Marketing Automation Software that shines the spotlight on both sales and marketing.

Here's what AMP provides you

MindMatrix's Marketing Automation Software, AMP's lead prospecting module can help you engage in tactful lead prospecting practices and cultivation programs which help you close even the most unlikely of leads—easily. AMP ensures that you stay in touch with your prospects—at the right times, and through the right medium- allowing you to close more leads, faster.

What if one platform could offer you all the data you need to understand your leads? AMP's smart Lead Management Module makes this a reality, by tracking your prospect's moves and interactions across various channels and reports that traffic on a single platform so that you can refine your marketing and sales approach as needed. This module is also equipped with smart segmentation functionalities that help you personalize your interactions for better results.

Are multiple media outputs, on-the go sales teams and the need for customized collateral making sales and marketing materials creation a challenge? Then it's time for AMP! With AMP you can create personalized high-impact sales materials such as landing pages, HTML e-mails, e-books, presentations and videos in no time! AMP's intuitive design interface and template-based approach ensure that your personalized sales material is ready in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take.

Increase response rates to your marketing through personalization. Personalized one-to-one marketing communications are much more effective and provide higher response rates than generic communications aimed at random prospects, as per a study by Gartner G2, iMedia Communications, and the Wharton School of Business. AMP lends a high degree of personalization, both visual and textual, to your sales efforts so you can effortlessly establish a one-on-one relationship with your leads.

Being in sales also means constantly being on-the-move. But, that's no excuse to lose track of your prospects. Presenting the AMP iPhone and Android applications that help you monitor and stay in touch with your leads even when you are not in office.