Enjoy seamless marketing-sales alignment with our Marketing Automation Software—AMP!

AMP is the Next Generation Marketing Automation Software that brings about total sales-marketing alignment so you can enjoy the benefits of a perfectly-matched, seamlessly integrated sales and marketing process. While most marketing automation solutions focus on marketing, AMP is the single Marketing Automation Software that shines the spotlight on  both sales and marketing.

Here's what AMP provides you

Are dispersed sales forces, multiple prospect touch-points and a dynamic business environment making brand management a challenge for you? Keeping your marketing materials updated will be easy with AMP. AMP's Brand Management module will ensure that your marketing and sales materials are up-to-date and consistent with your branding standards no matter who created them, or where.

Are your demand generation campaigns attracting the right kind of leads? You can now boost prospect response to your demand generation efforts with AMP! AMP offers you a variety of tools that can bringexcellent results. These include smart prospecting tools, campaign management tools, tools that help you create marketing media of different formats, and tools that help you measure the performance of your campaigns, so you know where to invest.

Campaign management is a challenging task. Communicating the right message at the right time every time, is not easy. AMP automates the complex process of campaign management and also ensures that you have access to critical campaign data and results that allow you to measure the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

Next-generation marketing calls for next-generation marketing ideas. Reaching out to your prospects through various channels -- e-mails, print marketing, social media marketing and websites-- can help you close deals faster! Integrate these next generation marketing tools into your marketing agenda using AMP and engage in multi-channel marketing with efficiency and ease.

Is lead quality a speed bump on your road to sales? AMP's Lead Generation module supports real-time segmentation of contact data based on custom parameters set by you. That means you can segment leads based on specific behaviors and attributes and engage in an interactive relationship with prospects. Create well-timed and focused Marketing campaigns that send only quality leads to the sales team for maximum effectiveness.

Do you know if your marketing dollars are well-spent? Social media marketing, e-mail marketing, landing pages, print media...can you quantify the returns on these marketing investments? Now you can, with AMP! AMP helps you measure the returns on your marketing investments by gathering and analyzing data from all your marketing campaigns. Using AMP, you can generate custom reports that summarize the performance of your marketing efforts. Even in the case of complex multi-step, multi-channel marketing programs.

Are you looking for a scientific way to score your leads instead of simply classifying them as Hot or Cold? Ranking leads can improve your marketing and sales efficiency by helping you understand prospect interest levels. With AMP's lead scoring module you will be able to decide which leads are worth pursuing and which ones need to be held until later. Additionally, AMP's advanced lead scoring capabilities help you segment your leads scientifically, so that you can develop personalized, well-targeted marketing campaigns and lead cultivation programs.

Social Media offers great opportunities for a B2B marketer. You can network, attract leads, and build your brand online. However, successful social media marketing demands constant attention. AMP allows you to establish a strong social presence and also respond quickly and effectively over all social media platforms without a costly ramp-up in labor costs

Multiple media outputs, on-the go sales teams and the need for on-demand sales materials creation a challenge? Then it's time for AMP! With AMP you can create personalized high-impact marketing and sales materials such as landing pages, HTML e-mails, e-books, flash presentations and videos in no time! AMP's intuitive design interface and template-based approach ensure that your personalized marketing and sales material is ready in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take.

Increase response rates to your marketing communications instantly through personalization. Personalized one-to-one marketing communications are much more effective and provide higher response rates than generic communications aimed at random prospects, as per a study by Gartner G2, iMedia Communications, and the Wharton School of Business. AMP lends a high degree of personalization,—both visual and textual, to your marketing efforts so that you can effortlessly establish a one-on-one relationship with your leads.