Accurate Lead Scoring with Marketing Automation

Do you simply classify your leads as cold, warm or hot? Is the inability to scientifically segment your leads affecting your lead closure rates? Change this with MindMatrix's Marketing Automation Software, AMP! AMP's lead scoring module develops a reasoned, relevant process for scoring leads and ranks them based on various well-defined parameters such as lead behavior, lead attributes and other custom conditions.

Using AMP's lead scoring module you can—

  • Gauge the interest level of your prospects better and refine your marketing and sales strategy accordingly
  • Decide which leads need to be pursued aggressively, which ones need to be cultivated, and which ones need to be classified as cold
  • Prioritize and focus on leads most likely to yield optimum revenues
  • Develop personalized lead cultivation programs that effectively drive leads from cold to warm, and finally, hot
  • Get access to real-time, dynamic lead scores from prospect interactions across all avenues such as social media, blogs, websites, landing pages, e-mails, customer care centers and more
  • Generate leads that are better qualified. Accurate and sharp lead scoring will give direction to your marketing efforts, thus enabling you to focus on the more important leads

AMP's lead scoring platform is fully customizable, allowing you to create scoring criteria that fits your industry.

With our lead scoring solution in place, you will never have to resort to generic rating systems again.

Lead Scoring