Lead Prospecting for Sales

Did you know that about 80% of the leads you drop do eventually make a purchase? These results clearly indicate you must adopt different tactics towards this 80%! Mindmatrix’s Marketing Automation Software, AMP can help you engage in tactful lead prospecting practices and cultivation programs which help you close even the most unlikely of leads—easily. Here's how it works with AMP:

AMP provides you with a real-time, 360 degree view of your prospects, allowing you to engage in smart lead prospecting—you know exactly which e-mail they opened, which link they clicked, or which web page they visited- so you can adjust your sales approach as needed.

  • Don’t worry about losing a deal anymore! Stay in constant touch with your prospects throughout the sales cycle…automatically
  • AMP allows you to create multi-step, multi-channel lead nurturing programs using various media, such as e-mails, e-books, print, social media, web-based landing pages, and more!
  • The lead prospecting campaigns created using, AMP are intelligent and dynamic- automatically adjusting to specific prospect behavior and attributes. For example, an e-mail thanking the prospect for their interest will automatically follow if they download a whitepaper
  • Know the lead type and put them on the appropriate prospecting campaign in just one click

AMP's lead prospecting module ensures that you stay in touch with your prospects—at the right times, and through the right medium- allowing you to close more leads, faster.

Lead Prospecting