Marketing Automation Software for Franchises

Franchise marketing can be tricky. At the corporate level, the franchisor has specific marketing plans, but franchisees often find that they don’t typically yield the results they seek. Many feel they are not getting adequate returns on their required investments in the national marketing campaigns of the corporate franchisor. What franchisees look for today is a local marketing program—marketing efforts that attract local leads directly to their business. Our Marketing Automation Software AMP offers marketing automation tools for franchise that allow franchise owners to engage in local marketing that directly drives revenues.

Build a local fan following with marketing automation

Regional and national marketing efforts are great! But what you really need are local marketing programs that help you establish a strong presence in your area. AMP offers an array of marketing automation tools that help you attract local footfall to your individual business. These include

  • Your personal, franchise website - The corporate website can't do justice to what you offer in your store. With AMP, you get a website for your franchise—one which allows you to add a local touch and where you can showcase unique deals and value propositions that only you offer.
  • Social media channels - It’s time to establish your presence on social media. Your franchisor may have a page on Facebook or Twitter, but there’s nothing to beat having your own page…having your customers follow you instead of your franchisor! AMP does just that for you through its social media automation tools. Get your own pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, connect with your customers and prospects through your own YouTube channel. And with marketing automation at work you don't have to worry about posting every day, because AMP automates that for you as well!
  • Landing pages and micro-sites- Are you offering something special that other franchisees are not? Then it’s time to announce it with AMP’s Search Engine Optimized landing pages! Get dedicated micro-sites or landing pages for your super-special offerings like a one-day Sale or a promotional bonanza.

Add that personal touch with AMP’s contact management tools

Your business depends upon the interests and loyalty of the local population. So you have to make an effort to build a strong relationship with them. How about sending greetings on major holidays or perhaps discount coupons and personalized offers on your prospect’s special days? AMP’s smart contact management tools make this easy by allowing you to store as much information as you want about your prospects…and then set triggers that send relevant, well-targeted marketing messages. For example, if you want to e-mail a coupon that allows prospects $20 off on purchases made on their birthday, all you have to do is key-in their birthdate and set a few rules. AMP will take care of the rest for you—every month.

Use Marketing Automation to know the results of your marketing efforts

As a business owner, you are obviously interested in knowing where your marketing dollars go. AMP allows you to track the revenue you generate from every marketing campaign, know how many leads closed, and how much you invested in them. AMP lets you understand which marketing avenues are most profitable. AMP also provides detailed analyses of your contacts and contact behavior, allowing you to know which prospects/customers interact the most with your business and via which channels.

Beat branding challenges with Marketing Automation

Most franchisors deter franchisees from local marketing because they are concerned about their brand being diluted or distorted. With AMP, brand management will no longer be a challenge since AMP offers web-based storage for all the brand elements: logos, corporate colors, standard footers and more! This, coupled with AMP’s template-based collateral creation tool, ensures that only the correct elements are used, and that they are used appropriately.

AMP’s collateral creation tool also allows franchisors to dictate what can be edited and what cannot, allowing them complete control over the brand. At the same time, however, it allows franchisees controlled access so they can edit the marketing materials to add that personal touch and local feel. Our collateral creation tool also allows franchisees to generate the marketing materials of their choice, on-demand, without depending on the franchisor’s marketing department.

Stay in touch with your prospects…always

Our Marketing Automation Tool is equipped with iPhone and Android applications that help you monitor and stay in touch with your leads even when you are not at your franchise. AMP's iPhone/Android application is your gateway to live prospect feeds, contact database and e-mail marketing—from anywhere, at any time.

AMP creates a win-win situation for the franchisee and the franchisor by injecting transparency into franchise marketing. It allows franchisees to bring that much-needed local element into their marketing, helping them attract more leads and generate more sales revenue, even as the franchisor retains control over the core elements of the marketing program.