Pittsburgh PA, October 02, 2013

“Ease of Use” is Now Considered a Critical Success Factor for Marketing Automation

One marketing automation provider responds with Virtual Marketing Assistant Service

With more and more companies enhancing their sales and marketing methods with software solutions, new marketing automation providers are cropping up daily. Choices for consumers of this technology have never been more plentiful, leading to an increasingly complex buying decision for consumers. How will customers evaluate their vendor options? Market research and advisory firm, Gleanster, set out to define just what exactly businesses should demand from their marketing automation providers.

After conducting a study which involved 1,396 B2B marketers, Gleanster found that “Ease of Use” is, for the first time ever, now among the top three most important factors in determining the success of a company deploying a marketing automation platform. Marketing automation softwareplatforms are intended to make marketing and sales professionals’ jobs easier with a set of robust features and capabilities. However, if these platforms are difficult to learn, their value is never fully realized. The other two critical success factors identified in the study: Re-usable campaign templates and cooperation with sales.

Vice President of Client Services atMindMatrix, Duane Wells, says these are the kind of findings that motivated the 14 year-old veteran marketing automation company to provide enhanced support and training services through what they are branding their “Virtual Marketing Assistant Service”(VMA Service). “We can talk to customers all day long about how our platform will solve their problems with specialized tools, but if they can’t figure out how to use the tools - or teach others at their organization to use tools - they will never be able to harness the true power of marketing automation” says Wells. “Marketing takes resources and talent, which can often be difficult to find and even more expensive to maintain in-house. The strategy behind the VMA program is to provide immediate value by giving businesses one-on-one support for optimizing a marketing campaign’s effectiveness through monthly analysis and discussion with our marketing automation specialists.”

Learn more about the MindMatrix Virtual Marketing Assistant Services at

Pittsburgh PA, September 03, 2013

MindMatrix Introduces Marketing Automation Tools to Continuum’s Channel Partners

Continuum, a leading provider of managed services solutions, has selected MindMatrix’s cutting-edge marketing and sales enablement software as the technology engine behind the Continuum’s newly launched partner inbound marketing program. “Marketing Advantage” is the technology industry’s first fully integrated, turnkey marketing program designed exclusively for IT services companies. Powered by MindMatrix, the program helps Continuum’s partners generate leads, automate marketing and close more deals without having to contribute extra time and resources.

“Finding the time to develop and sustain a quality marketing program is difficult for many of our managed services provider (MSP) partners because they’re focused on supporting customers,” said Continuum Vice President of Channel Marketing and Community Development Mark Zahar. “Marketing Advantage goes beyond traditional approaches by combining a highly systematic process with professionally created content that keeps the MSP’s brand awareness high among targeted prospects. We chose MindMatrix as the automation tool behind the program because it makes sales collateral creation easy on our partners while giving them deeper insight into prospect analytics.”

Continuum partner Empower Information Systems has seen impressive results since leveraging the Marketing Advantage program powered by MindMatrix. Using the email-marketing platform with pre-loaded templates that Empower customized with its logo and corporate colors, the company was able to secure a $60,000 deal in less than three months.

“We’ve never maintained a dedicated marketing staff, but as our company matured, we began to realize that you can only shake so many hands and play so many rounds of golf in a day,” said Principal and Chief Security Officer at Empower Information Systems Jason Holbrook. “We needed a plan to engage customers and knew we couldn’t count on ourselves to get it executed. That’s why we chose Marketing Advantage.”

MindMatrix’s channel solutions product seeks to satisfy the needs of channel partners and channel managers with specialized tools for sales and marketing professionals. "The channel solutions module allows a company to maintain its brand integrity and keep track of its channel partners' activities and outcomes, while also allowing their partners to generate leads, access their own sales and marketing materials and enable their sales teams with special sales functions that you just don't see in other marketing automation software platforms", said Harbinder Khera, MindMatrix CEO.

With all this positive feedback about its new channel offerings, MindMatrix is looking forward to working with other businesses that have channel needs, both locally and nationwide and it has ramped-up its sales team to deal with the high demand these new offerings are sure to generate.

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Pittsburgh, PA August 24, 2013

A Marketing Automation Solution That Now Offers a Truly Customized Branding Experience

MindMatrix, has rolled out a gray label option, enabling its customers to personalize their marketing automation software to match their own unique branding standards.

Leading Pittsburgh-based marketing automation and sales enablement solutions provider, MindMatrix, has rolled out a gray label option, enabling its customers to personalize their marketing automation software to match their own unique branding standards.

According to Duane Wells, VP, Client Services, the gray label portal upgrade was prompted by the desire to offer MindMatrix’s clients a truly personalized customer experience. Mr. Wells stated, “MindMatrix has always recognized the importance of seamless integration between the marketing and sales arms of a business and it is in line with this philosophy that this feature has been incorporated. Plus, MindMatrix’s automated marketing tool is the only marketing automation software on the market which offers strong sales enablement capabilities, which means it will be used extensively by our client’s sales teams. And, we think it is extremely important that the sales users feel comfortable with the portal.”

This custom portal’s theme can even be configured to resemble that of the company’s website. The ability of the software to resemble a familiar interface ensures that salespersons can be comfortable even as they are working on a new platform. The portal design was inspired by the new Windows OS, which makes it optimized for tablet viewing; an ideal solution for sales users on the go.

The gray label portal is just one more way the Pittsburgh-based marketing automation and sales enablement provider, MindMatrix, ensures its clients are able to make the most of its offerings by enhancing the sales enablement side of its platform. Surmount Energy and Sotheby's are two MindMatrix customers that have implemented the gray label feature so far.

To find out more about the gray label option, call us at 412-381-0230 to speak with a MindMatrix representative.

Pittsburgh, PA– April 30, 2013

MindMatrix Offers Channel Marketing Automation to Support Channel Marketers

MindMatrix offers superior lead management tools that help channel partners and independent representatives to engage in more effective channel marketing.

Pittsburgh based marketing automation software company; MindMatrix announced the release of its marketing automation solution for the channel marketing industry. MindMatrix recognizes the need of a cohesive marketing automation tool for channel marketers and presents it to them through their marketing automation offering.

According to Danielle Fisher, Head—Channel Sales Development, at MindMatrix, " As a part of product development, we at MindMatrix, got in touch with hundreds of channel marketers and veterans of channel marketing. That helped us understand the key issues bothering the channel marketing industry and now, MindMatrix resolves each of these challenges effectively with its marketing automation tool that is attuned to every need of a channel marketer."

Brand management, marketing ROI measurement and lead management are some of the core areas where MindMatrix’s marketing automation solution focuses. MindMatrix’s offering comes with automated lead nurturing tools that enable channel partners and independent reps to stay in touch with their prospects and engage in one-to-one personalized marketing on-demand, without depending on external marketing teams. It also provides them with superior lead generation and lead tracking abilities that cut across multiple marketing channels including print, web and social media.

MindMatrix’s latest channel marketing offering gives channel marketers the ability to engage in smarter & more effective marketing by providing them with the tools they need to have more result-producing conversations during the sales process—all on a single unified platform.

Pittsburgh, PA– April 30, 2013

MindMatrix Upgrades its Marketing Automation Software to include Exciting New Features

MindMatrix's Marketing Automation Software has undergone value adding enhancements to present a new range of benefits to its growing customer base

Harbinder Khera, CEO of, MindMatrix, announced that the company has enhanced its marketing automation software with a view to improve user experience. While MindMatrix has bundled over 7 enhancements in this release, the key ones include the upgraded media editor, A/B testing for all web collateral, Gmail Plug-in, reverse DNS tracking and integration of the marketing automation software with the popular CRM system, SageACT2013.

According to Harbinder, this was one of the major releases since the launch of the marketing automation platform and most of the enhancements were based on the requests that came in from customers already using MindMatrix's platform. "Of course, there were some enhancements like the Reverse DNS based tracking system which was the brainchild of the development team here at MindMatrix", he says. "And…that is one of the highlights of this release. Our software can now tell you which industry or company the prospect belongs to…even if they don't fill a form on your website or landing page"

Apart from the Reverse DNS technology, the marketing automation software now boasts of a new media editor that has a more easy and user-friendly feel to it. Also, now all web collateral generated using Mindmatrix's marketing automation platform can now undergo A/B testing to test the various possible landing/web designs to arrive at the ones that produce optimum results. Another key feature enhancement allows users with Gmail accounts to send template-based emails that are stored in the platform, through their Gmail account, using the Chrome plug-in for Gmail.

"The response we have received from our customers has been great", says Harbinder, who has another release slated soon. "To be truly classified as the next-generation marketing automation provider, we know we need to be constantly innovating and providing our customers with something extra, which is what we will aim for with every new release.".

Pittsburgh, PA– February 11th, 2013

Mindmatrix announces an agreement to acquire The Guider Group

“Mindmatrix, a Global Leader in Marketing Automation Software, today announced an agreement to acquire The Guider Group, a Pittsburgh Based-based provider of business development and outsourced online marketing services.

“Mindmatrix is committed to the delivery of software innovations that bring significant results to our customers while simplifying online marketing,” said Harbinder Khera, CEO of Mindmatrix. “Our strategy is to provide enablement services that are aimed at helping our partners deploy our software and help customers understand and realize the value of this technology. Because of their existing success in the online marketing services space, we believe that the acquisition of Guider will accelerate our ability help partner and customer adoption of our technology and support their success.”

“This acquisition is part of a larger strategy to offer services to customers that are needed beyond what the Mindmatrix software platform can deliver on its own. Mindmatrix and Guider have a great deal of continuity and share the vision to remove complexity and adoption of online marketing automation,” said Duane Wells, Senior Partner at, Guider. “As a former partner, we have first-hand knowledge of the software and this deal makes sense. We are excited to combine forces with Mindmatrix to build an internal practice that is dedicated to making sure partners and customers succeed with the platform.”

As part of its strategy to deliver best of breed marketing automation solutions, Mindmatrix continues to invest and innovate to extend the benefits of online marketing to organizations looking to use the internet to generate sales and leads. Mindmatrix is at the forefront of marketing automation, and the acquisition of Guider will expand Mindmatrix abilities to show customer success quickly and efficiently.

Pittsburgh, PA– February 5th, 2013

MindMatrix named 2nd best marketing automation software vendor
for this month!

The independent authority on Search vendors,, has named MindMatrix the second best marketing automation software vendor for February 2013.

The independent authority on Search vendors,, has named MindMatrix the second best marketing automation software vendor in the online marketing industry for the month of February 2013. MindMatrix’s marketing automation software, AMP provides a single unified platform for sales and marketing alignment—covering the key elements of both the functions. AMP provides solutions in the areas of lead generation, lead prospecting, collateral creation, personalized marketing, brand management, lead scoring, campaign automation, marketing measurement, lead nurturing/drip marketing, social media marketing and sales automation,.

The process for evaluating the top marketing automation software vendors in the industry involves a meticulous look at each of the platforms, the types of strategies and features which they provide, and the quality of service behind the scenes. Five area of evaluation are used in order to identify the key strengths, weaknesses, and competitive advantages of each platform including ease of use, implementation time, API, support, and integration. The benefits of each software are compared across these five areas of evaluation in order to compare the top performing software solutions in the industry.

To further supplement the research, also connects with users and clients of the software vendors to verify and substantiate the vendors’ claims. While thousands of agencies and vendors are evaluated each month, only the ten best offering a marketing automation platform are included in the rankings.

Pittsburgh, PA– January 31, 2013

MindMatrix's Inc., Creator of AMP, Marketing Automation Software,
Announces a New Partnering Initiative Directed at Marketing, Interactive Consulting and Software Firms

At the core of the program is the opportunity for enrolled firms to fully employ the AMP marketing and sales automation internally without charge and then use it externally to drive revenues on several different tiers of client engagement.

This new partnership initiative represents a total commitment to join up with and fully support firms who may be referring, reselling or repackaging the AMP marketing automation platform to drive greater revenues. At the core of the program is the opportunity for enrolled firms to fully employ the AMP marketing and sales automation internally without charge and then use it externally to drive revenues on several different tiers of client engagement. Through referral, as well as more integrated reseller plans, vendors may choose to offer the marketing automation software package with as much or little sales support as they request, including jointly supported demos and sales calls. At the highest level, vendors are choosing to fully integrate the entire AMP solution into their own package of offerings. These sales and marketing tools include lead nurturing programs for their current customers, lead generation tools for new customers, brand management repositories, on-demand sales materials creation, and more.

As Andy Carlton, MindMatrix' Director, Channels Sales and Business Development noted, "One of the key benefits is that participants become part of the MindMatrix partner ecosystem. This offers increased visibility for partners, providing them access to new business opportunities and additional lead generation venues. It gives us a credible repository of experts that can fulfill any piece of the marketing and sales funnel."

About MindMatrix

For over a decade, MindMatrix, Inc. has focused on sales-marketing alignment for over 34,000 sales and marketing professionals worldwide. Unique to the industry, MindMatrix offers Next-Generation Marketing Automation software on a single unified platform for Sales and Marketing. Our solutions bring about a seamless integration of the two key functions, helping our clients derive the maximum benefit from their investment in sales and marketing.

For more information or to become a channel partner, please visit our website at to fill out a form, or call us directly at 412-381-0230.

Pittsburgh – January 15, 2013

MindMatrix's creator of AMP, Marketing Automation Software, recently received positive reviews from an independent expert in the marketing
automation domain.

David Raab'sblog post titled "MindMatrix Adds Sales Support to Marketing Automation," posted on December 4, 2012, describes how MindMatrix adds sales-marketing alignment to standard marketing automation features. MindMatrix has nearly 250 clients with about 34,000 end-users.

Mindmatrix Inc., creator of AMP, Marketing Automation Software, recently received positive reviews from an independent expert in the marketing automation domain.

David Raab'sblog post titled "MindMatrix Adds Sales Support to Marketing Automation," posted on December 4, 2012, describes how MindMatrix adds sales-marketing alignment to standard marketing automation features. MindMatrix has nearly 250 clients with about 34,000 end-users.

Referring to the platform's ability to add sales marketing alignment to more traditional marketing automation tools, Raab notes …" MindMatrix does a good job with these features. Content personalization is especially sophisticated, supporting dynamic content (i.e., conditional logic) within templates; drawing personalization variables from user, partner, contact, and other tables; and providing precise control over which content attributes can be edited by a salesperson or other end-user. Personalized output formats include not just email, but also Web pages, PowerPoint, and online or printed PDFs."

According to CEO Harbinder Khera, "MindMatrix first developed marketing automation tools to serve the real estate industry, but AMP istailored to meet the needs of a broad array of industries. Every industry's pain points were considered in the design of this platform, in particular, manufacturing and retail service industries. We have also structured these tools to help small and home-based businesses. In short, these tools are needed everywhere, and AMP is certainly a vertical specialist."

According to his blog, Customer Experience Matrix, David Raab, "is a long-time marketing technology consultant and analyst. The blog is named for the Customer Experience Matrix, a tool to visualize marketing and operational interactions between a company and its customers."

About MindMatrix

For the past 14 years, MindMatrix, Inc. has focused on sales-marketing alignment for over 34,000 sales and marketing professionals worldwide. Unique to the industry, MindMatrix offers Next-Generation Marketing Automation software on a single unified platform for Sales and Marketing. Our solutions bring about a seamless integration of the two key functions, helping our clients derive the maximum benefit from their investment in sales and marketing.

Our product offerings for sales include on-demand sales materials creation, smart lead management, lead prospecting, and more. On the marketing front, our solutions cover demand generation, brand management, quality lead generation, lead nurturing, social media automation, lead scoring, and marketing materials creation across print and digital media.

For more information, please visit the MindMatrixwebsite at, or call directly at 412-381-0230.

Mindmatrix receives positive reviews from an independent expert in the marketing automation domain.

Pittsburgh, PA– December, 2012

A New Face at Mindmatrix

andyWe are pleased to announce an addition the the team in the Pittsburgh office. Andy Carlton accepted the newly created position of “Director, Channel Sales and Business Development.” He joined us in December, 2012. His primary responsibilities include building an extensive channel network for AMP, MindMatrix’s newly released sales and marketing automation software, as well as creating a comprehensive partner ecosystem in the marketing automation space. Additionally, he is tasked with driving overall new business through innovative sales & marketing strategies and advising strategic accounts. Some of Andy’s past career accomplishments include building a channel network at a national interactive marketing agency, which resulted in delivering over 80% of total revenue and dramatically lowering sales costs. The agency was consistently ranked as one of the fastest growing by INC Magazine, Business 2.0 and others. He was also a sales pioneer at the first b-b online e-commerce site where he developed a unique new marketplace through effective executive level conversations with presidents and CEOs.

A native of Ohio, Andy received his BS in Marketing from West Virginia Wesleyan in Buckhannon, W.V. He has been a resident of the Pittsburgh area for the past 20 and presently lives with his wife and two children in the North Hills area.

Pittsburgh – November 15, 2012

MindMatrix's CEO Harbinder Khera Appeared on Pittsburgh Radio Talk Show

Khera discussed how MindMatrix's Marketing Automation Software, AMP, can promote sales-marketing alignment in any industry.

MindMatrix’s CEO, Harbinder Khera, made an appearance on TechVibe Radio on Saturday, November 3rd, 2012. The radio program was hosted by The Pittsburgh Technology Council’s Audrey Russo and Jonathan Kersting. Harbinder spoke about how MindMatrix’s marketing automation software can help businesses resolve the challenges related to poor sales-marketing alignment. He further explained how using AMP will enable marketing teams to pass only “ready-to-buy” leads to sales. Combined with this capacity is the powerful tool which enables sales teams to create personalized, high-impact sales collateral on their own, without any reliance on marketing.

Harbinder also touched upon the manner in which marketing has changed today and how businesses need to win the trust of their prospects first and pitch to them later. As a result, lead nurturing has become an integral part of the marketing process. AMP's lead nurturing tools are more sophisticated than its competitors- giving the user every possible option to design the perfect email campaign program. Harbinder also spoke about the way AMP works to decode the digital footprint of prospects to provide a business with useful information about their interests and buying profile through smart lead prospecting tools.

MindMatrix is headquartered in Pittsburgh’s trendy Southside neighborhood, with offices overseas. Harbinder spoke about his early days in Pittsburgh as an entrepreneur and how MindMatrix has grown over that past 14 years, overcoming a variety of challenges including the dotcom bust and recession. The company now has over 300 employees spread across 2 continents.

TechVibe Radio is a weekly radio program produced by The Pittsburgh Technology Council which broadcasts on 104.7 FM News Talk every Saturday at Noon. Techvibe reaches listeners across all of southwestern Pennsylvania and parts of the tri-state area. The radio segment features local entrepreneurs, business leaders and stakeholders behind the Pittsburgh region’s fast-moving technology industry.

Click here to Listen to the broadcast. To learn more about the Pittsburgh Technology Council, please visit AMP is the perfect marketing automation solution for all companies. Please call 412-381-0230 to schedule a demo.

Pittsburgh – August, 31, 2012

MindMatrix brings Next-Generation Sales-Marketing Alignment to the Manufacturing Sector

Enhancement to MindMatrix’s Marketing Automation Software to close the gap between manufacturers and their sales channels

MindMatrix, a Pittsburgh based Marketing Automation Software Company, has enhanced its marketing software to better align the sales and marketing functions for the manufacturing industry.

Adding to its quality lead generation tools, the software now comes with strong personalized multi-channel collateral creation, sales prospecting, and marketing measurement capabilities to assist manufacturers in supporting their in-the-field marketing representatives and other distribution channels more effectively.

MindMatrix’s Marketing Automation Software allows manufacturers to store information about their products in database format which can be accessed by their sales channels—such as independent sales representatives or distributors --- to create personalized sales collateral, including customized product catalogs, product specification sheets, and personalized product presentations.

According to Harbinder Khera, CEO of MindMatrix,“Most marketing automation tools only focus on lead generation. But today, the challenges faced by the manufacturing sector is more than just lead generation. Manufacturers are struggling to provide their sales, distribution and independent marketing channels with timely marketing support. As a result, some sales channels engage in their own marketing and sales activities, which often don’t do justice to the manufacturers’ brand positioning and almost never, yields expected results. Our Marketing Automation Software can change this.”

“Besides providing powerful tools for quality lead generation, the enhancement to our Marketing Automation Software, empowers manufacturer’s sales and distribution channels to create personalized, product-centric sales and marketing collateral without worrying about the brand being misrepresented. It also injects transparency into the marketing process, allowing manufacturers to clearly see the results of the marketing activities their channel partners engaged in. Also, our marketing automation software gives on-field marketing representatives and distributors smart sales prospecting tools improving their sales focus. End result: More revenue generation for the manufacturer and distributors. It’s a win-win situation!” elaborates Khera.

By solving the key marketing challenges faced by the manufacturing industry, MindMatrix’s marketing software upgrade enables manufacturers to make their brand a favorite with dealers, distributors and even on-field independent marketing reps. In an industry with stiff competition and reducing profit margins, MindMatrix’s software upgrade is expected to receive an extremely positive welcome.

Pittsburgh – August, 31, 2012

MindMatrix Enriches its Marketing Automation Software with Next Generation Personalization Module

The enhancement will empower users to lend greater relevance to their outbound and inbound marketing and sales efforts

MindMatrix, the Pittsburgh based Marketing Automation Software Company, has made an exciting new upgrade to its marketing software, AMP. MindMatrix has enhanced AMP with a powerful the personalization engine. The engine will enable users to infuse a high level of personalization to both, in-bound and out-bound marketing.

The personalization engine collects prospect data from various available sources including website/landing page visits, form sign-ups, marketing campaign responses, CRM databases etc., and then analyzes the data and uses that information intelligently to allow a high level of personalized marketing/sales approach. Users can personalize their sales and marketing messages based on pre-defined criteria ranging from contact activity, attributes, pre-set time-frames and more. The USP of AMP’s personalization engine is that it allows users to customize both—text and visual design based on pre-defined criteria. Moreover, this personalization engine is intelligent and works in real-time—refining prospect profiles dynamically to reflect their preferences and choices.

Harbinder Khera, CEO of MindMatrix says, “Individual salespeople always wish to customize their offerings for clients, but are usually limited to options like putting a name and address sticker on a pre-printed glossy brochure or spending too much time hand-crafting a proposal. AMP’s personalization engine changes this. The aim behind this upgrade is to take prospect experience to a whole new level by providing information targeted to the individual consumer– in an on-demand, cost-effective manner. Businesses can achieve superior results in their marketing and sales initiatives by making their content as relevant as possible to the needs of each consumer….and the most cost-effective and efficient way to do so is by automation the processes through the use of comprehensive marketing software.”

Harbinder believes the upgrade will allow marketers and salespersons to tap into rich prospect data sources and tailor their offerings accordingly; allowing them to enjoy shorter sales cycles, improved customer retention, increased revenue and significantly lesser marketing and sales process costs.”

Pittsburgh – 2012

MindMatrix Offers New Tools to the Insurance Services Sector to support nationwide networks of independent agents

MindMatrix, a Pittsburgh based Marketing Automation Software Company, has enhanced its marketing software for the Insurance Services Sector, so they can empower their independent agents and carriers to create a presence tailored to the local market, while maintaining alignment with corporate-wide marketing campaigns.

Adding to its quality lead generation tools, the software now comes with strong personalized multi-channel collateral creation, sales prospecting, and marketing measurement capabilities to allow for better support  for individual  representatives .

MindMatrix’s Marketing Automation Software allows  insurance providers to store information about their products in a database format which can be accessed by independent agents and carriers to create personalized sales collateral, including customized service proposals, advertisements, and personalized product presentations.

According to Harbinder Khera, CEO of MindMatrix, “What we learned is that while a local insurance agency is always a part of the corporate brand, that isn’t enough to succeed now. Individual agents thrive when they become part of the local community and tailor their sales messages to the specifics of the region, as well as to the individual customer. Creating a local brand for an agent requires adjusting the message to reflect regional interests. Corporate marketing departments are often not structured or staffed to provide that level of support. Our Marketing Automation Software can end those limitations.”

“Besides providing powerful tools for quality lead generation, our Marketing Automation Software allows individual agents to create personalized, customer-centered sales and marketing collateral without worrying about the brand being misrepresented. And, it can ensure that every document meets the industry’s regulatory requirements. While the pre-designed lead scoring and lead generation campaigns make it easy  to generate quality leads, most importantly, the product offers tools that help agents establish a powerful relationship with their clients—such as personalized e-mail drip campaigns and follow-up mechanisms that are tailored to suit prospect behavior.

By addressing these key marketing challenges, MindMatrix’s marketing software enables leaders in the Insurance sector to make their brand a favorite with carriers and individual agents. In an industry where the “personal” touch is so important, MindMatrix’s AMP software offers a significant change for the industry’s marketing practices .

Pittsburgh – July, 09, 2012

MindMatrix Launches Next-Generation Marketing Automation Software to Better Align Sales & Marketing Functions

While traditional marketing automation tools focus on marketing, MindMatrix's platform has been overhauled to support both marketing and sales effectively

MindMatrix Inc., a leading Marketing Automation Software provider provider has enhanced its platform to meet the growing needs of the Marketing 2.0 environment. The focus on both sales and marketing aspects of the business, ensuring a seamless integration of these two functions, sets the MindMatrix platform apart from other Marketing Automation Software providers.

Harbinder Khera, MindMatrix CEO, says, "Our platform is a next-generation Marketing Automation Software because it combines the standard Marketing Automation functions with Marketing Resource Management (MRM) capabilities. Our solution cuts the sales team's dependency on marketing by providing them with the tools they need to stay on top of the game. It also ensures that key marketing functions are intelligently automated which alleviates pressure on limited marketing resources."

The platform offers many marketing capabilities including brand management, social media automation, lead scoring, sales prospecting and multi-channel marketing inclusive of print and digital media. The result is a smart platform which automatically adjusts marketing and sales strategies to suit prospect behavior.

In addition, the platform accelerates the ability of sales teams to generate highly personalized communication materials that conform to company's branding standards. It has excellent social media marketing capabilities to support automation of social media and blog postings; this allows users to strengthen their presence on popular social media sites. These enhancements mark MindMatrix's entry into other verticals beyond Real Estate including Manufacturing/Distribution, Hi-Tech, Services, Retail, Advertising and Design firms.

Pittsburgh – May, 23, 2012

MindMatrix Tailors its Marketing Automation Software to Appeal to Home Business Owners

The customized marketing automation solution has received an overwhelming response from home-based entrepreneurs at Vemma

MindMatrix Inc., the next-generation Marketing Automation Software provider has customized its offering under the brand of to offer a powerful sales and marketing tool to Vemma homebased business owners.

This is the outcome of an industry study conducted by MindMatrix early in the year, which brought to light that the issues faced by the home-based business owner are in fact, very different from that of other industry verticals. Says Mr. Harbinder Khera, CEO, MindMatrix, “Our study revealed that most home-based business owners struggle with brand building, lead generation and follow-up..These entrepreneurs have a strong desire to succeed and are looking for tools to help them market and sell more effectively. To meet this need, we customized our marketing automation tool for home business owners. Whether someone is starting a home based business or already owns one, our solution provides them with the perfect blend of ready-to-use content, tools and automation so they can concentrate on expanding their business without worrying about the mechanics of creating a web site, running an e-mail marketing campaign or using social media..”

The MindMatrix solution provides home business owners with template-based, branded and personalized marketing/sales materials that are ready-to-use, saving them the time and efforts. It is also equipped with multiple lead nurturing programs that make lead conversion an easy and highly automated process. The system also provides its users with in-depth analyses and reports that help them figure out which leads are hot and which ones need to be nurtured. It also allows home-based business owners to market their products or services and stay in touch with their leads at a push of a button using their smart phone.

The nutrition giant, Vemma is one of the first companies in the home business vertical to adopt the home-business marketing solution introduced by MindMatrix. Most Vemma Brand Partners who have adopted MindMatrix’s solution are raving about its simplicity of use. Jeff Weisburg, a Vemma Brand Partner calls it one of the most powerful online recruiting tools he has seen, but is also quick to add that one of the best things about it is that he doesn’t have to be a computer whiz to use it. Another Vemma Brand Partner, Dennis Cancelli calls it the most user friendly and complete system ever!

Pittsburgh –February, 03, 2012

MindMatrix's Solution, Upgraded

Search Engine Optimization and YoutTube video features have been enhanced

MindMatrix has added two new enhancements to its marketing tool, The first enhancement concerns the marketing and sales presentations. The presentations henceforth created using Newplans will be automatically optimized for search engines, making it easier for people to find them on web-searches.

The other enhancement relates to YouTube videos. While Newplans provided users the option to upload their marketing presentation on YouTube for added web-exposure, the enhancement will now allow them to add background music to their sales and marketing presentations on YouTube. The music can be uploaded to the gallery section and then used in presentations and videos.

Deepti Menon, Director of Marketing—Newplans, says, "With the latest web technologies, sky's the limit for marketing tools of today. We will continue improvising Newplans to create a better experience for our users."

Pittsburgh – Jan 10th, 2012

MindMatrix clients get real-time access to their leads

Users of MindMatrix's solution will now know even as their prospects are viewing their presentations

MindMatrix has added yet another enhancement to, making it even easier for Newplans users to close deals. Now, Newplans users will be immediately alerted the moment a prospect views their presentation. Not jus that, a chat program has been integrated into Newplans that allows the users to chat with their prospects once they come online.

This enhancement further strengthens MindMatrix's commitment towards closure of the gap that exists between buyers and sellers. Users of Newplans already enjoy the benefits that come with 360 degree prospect view, and now with the lead alerts, they're even closer to their intended buyers.

Deepti Menon—Director of Marketing, Newplans, explains, "The aim behind Newplans is to help our users close their deals faster. And, in order to be doing that, it's necessary that the sellers have real-time contact with the buyers. Our latest enhancement to the Newplans platforms bridges the time-gap between the two parties, putting them in contact with one another instantly—in real time."

Pittsburgh – December, 21, 2011

MindMatrix Completes 10 Years

The company has grown in strength from 2 to 100

Marketing automation pioneer MindMatrix completed 10 years of business today. Conceived in the year 1998, as one-man's dream, MindMatrix is today helping over 20000 sales and marketing professional attain their dreams.

What started as—a solutions portal today provides IT support, sales and marketing automation services and solutions to companies who are leaders in their respective domains. Since 1998 MindMatrix has grown from 2 employees to over 100 employees today, serving over 200 companies. MindMatrix's software solutions Vision & inVision are being used by top commercial real estate companies to strengthen their marketing effectiveness.

MindMatrix's customers today include well known corporates such as Sotheby's, Coldwell Banker Commercial, Grubb & Ellis, RE/MAX Commerical, Howard Hanna Real Estate and more. With offices set up in India and the US, and after braving the dotcom burst, MindMatrix is ready for new endeavors and take on new challenges.

Says Harbinder Khera, CEO, MindMatrix, "We have always believed in innovation. Our aim is to provide our clients with the best even before they ask for it. And I think over the years we have grown ourselves and our product and service offerings to be able to do just that…"

Pittsburgh – September, 23, 2011

MindMatrix's Solution turns things around for its clients

Latest solution – has been well received in the market.

Within months of being launched, MindMatrix has received an overwhelming response for its new marketing solution— Says, Ronald Tarquinio, President of Tarquincore Properties, who has been using Newplans since June last year, "There was a time when I was struggling to get qualified leads. With my listings not showing up on web searches, getting leads seemed nearly impossible. This was until I started using Newplans. Newplans turned around everything for me."

Newplans is also being used by many other industry leaders like Sperry Van Ness, Prudential Preferred, RE/Max Commercial, CBC to boost the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. is a marketing platform that helps brokers, agents, and listing owners showcase their offerings effectively. It offers various tools to enhance marketing effectiveness including tools for social media automation, lead generation, personalized listing presentation creation, Virtual tours and Video creation and search engine optimization.

Pittsburgh – March, 2011

Market Better with

Creates—an Innovative Marketing Platform Powered with Advanced Marketing Tools that Make Marketing Easy for Salespersons

MindMatrix, in partnership with RE BackOffice launches—a set of sophisticated marketing tools to help salespersons market their listings better. allows users to create high-impact, personalized marketing collateral in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take them. The platform offers simple, highly intuitive, five step process which will enable the users to create professional looking, multi-channel marketing materials. Using, helps salespersons breathe life into their listings by allowing them to create Interactive Presentations—complete with Virtual Tours, Photo Gallery, Dynamic Site or Floor Plans and Maps. The platform also allows users to increase the exposure of their marketing materials by allowing them to disseminate the marketing collateral on popular social networking and classified sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, YouTube, GoogleBase, Vast, Oodle and to name a few.

With basic knowledge of the web, salespersons can create multi-channel marketing materials in the form of brochures, flyers, listing presentations, videos and e-books. While the module offers a range of templates and colors to choose from, salespersons can also get custom templates designed to suit their corporate branding standards.

Pittsburgh – October, 2010

MindMatrix Joins Facebook& Twitter

Leverages the strengths of Social Media, while helping its clients do the same

MindMatrix, has forayed into the social networking arena through Facebook and Twitter. A leading marketing automation company, MindMatrix realizes the important role social media will be playing in the scheme of things.

Says Harbinder Khera, CEO, MindMatrix, "Social media will play a key role in marketing and in strengthening the brand presence of businesses online. Besides it's a great medium to stay in contact with the market. Putting you one-to-one with your customers and prospects, social media sites like Faceook and Twitter give you a real feel of what's going on out there."

Not only has MindMatrix joined Facebook and Twitter, but is also innovating to produce solutions in the realm of social media marketing.

Follow us on Twitter:

Find us on Facebook:

Pittsburgh – September, 19, 2010

MindMatrix works with Eastdil Secured

Builds Loan-Sale Platform for Real Estate Investment Banking Giant

Real estate investment banking giant Eastdil Secured has roped in MindMatrix to build its latest Loan-Sale platform.

This platform will list all of Eastdil Secured's loans that are available for sale via bidding. Expected to be an ultra-secure site, for obvious reasons, this site will also have accessibility options which make the site usable for hearing/vision impaired visitors.

About Eastdil Secured

As the pioneer of the real estate investment banking industry, Eastdil Secured has participated in every real estate cycle since 1967, attaining over 40 years of real estate investment banking knowledge and experience. By maintaining an effective platform that combines conventional real estate brokerage with the corporate finance and capital markets expertise of an investment bank, Eastdil Secured creates value for clients through unparalleled advisory services, individually-tailored structures, and marketing/placement programs that set the industry standard. Through the ability to navigate the challenges presented in any economic environment, Eastdil Secured maximizes opportunities with "custom-crafted", revolutionary strategies that produce the most optimal and efficient transactions possible.

Pittsburgh – April, 14, 2010

MindMatrix Sails in New Waters

Creates—an Innovative Online Portal for Selling Yachts & Boats, powered with advanced marketing tools

MindMatrix has successfully designed a highly sophisticated yachts and boats listings website for SeeTheYachts. is a web portal acting as a platform that brings yachts and boats manufacturers and brokers under one roof, on the web. This means any prospective yacht buyer has access to hundreds of sellers. MindMatrix has integrated the portal with its marketing automation solution, making it interactive.

By using MindMatrix's solutions integrated into the website, sellers who have listed their yachts or boats on the portal can create high impact, personalized marketing collaterals easily. With basic knowledge of the web, brokers can create marketing materials in the form of brochures, flyers, listing presentations, flash videos and e-books. Not just that, the marketing module will take care of the broker's corporate branding standards as well, when providing the output, thus playing a vital role in brand buildings.

In addition to these features, marketing module is also intelligent enough to engage in content syndication. Once the user develops the content for a particular media, the same can be modified easily and utilized for other media as well. This feature is especially useful in the case of social media where the same content can be utilized to its optimum potential by posting it on various social media forums.

According to Steve Houck, CEO of, "The idea behind the portal was to help yacht and boat brokers become better marketers". MindMatrix has helped SeeTheYachts achieve this objective through inVision's capabilities.

Pittsburgh – Jan 04, 2010

MindMatrix launches Virtual Assistance Services

Partners with RE Backoffice to offer Virtual Assistance services to its client base

MindMatrix has partnered with RE BackOffice, a leading Commercial Real Estate service provider, to bring Virtual Assistant Services to its clients at a nominal rate. The Virtual Assistant module offers highly trained professionals who provide the kind of support offered by personal assistants in any niche, at costs as low as $250 a month. The Virtual packages are tailored to suit client needs, thus offering clients a lot of flexibility.

MindMatrix's Virtual Assistant services cover data entry, data management, addition of property data, marketing/sales materials generation, e-mail campaigns, contact list uploads and updates and listing updates on popular portals like Loopnet, Commercial IQ, GoogleBase and more.

Says Harbinder Khera, CEO, MindMatrix, "Subscribing to the Virtual Assistant package will enable our clients to free up time spent on mundane work and concentrate on more important tasks helping them cut down on the overheads such as cost of office space, payroll expenses, employee benefits that are incurred when employing an on-site personal assistant."

MindMatrix will soon integrate the Virtual Assistance package with its it leading marketing software.

Pittsburgh – December, 08, 2009

RE/MAX Commercial signs up MindMatrix for a comprehensive marketing support package

Package includes marketing proposals, flyers, e-mails, offering memorandums, listing pages and war-room

RE/Max Commercial, a leading real estate service provider has signed up MindMatrix Inc., to provide marketing support. RE/MAX has opted for an extensive marketing support module from MindMatrix. Apart from creating marketing proposals, flyers and HTML e-mails using inVision, RE/MAX users can also create high-end marketing materials such as offering memorandums. The package also supports easy creation of listing pages and offers advanced data storage facility through the war-room module.

MindMatrix's solution not only provides marketing support, but also effectively bridges the gap between marketing and sales. While most marketing software programs offer the advantage of creating mass marketing materials, MindMatrix also offers a high degree of customization and flexibility, with its ability to bring about a seamless integration of the two closely related functions of marketing and sales. Owing to these unique features, MindMatrix's solution works best for a company like RE/MAX Commercial with offices in over 70 countries and has around 100,000 real estate agents by way of franchise network.

Pittsburgh – October, 24, 2009

MindMatrix upgardes inVision's Information Editor

MindMatrix, the manufacturer of inVision, a leading Marketing Automation Software has upgraded the information editor section of the program to enable text hyperlinking.

In an effort to make inVision more user-friendly and intelligent, MindMatrix has added on the feature of dynamic text hyperlink to the information editor.

Dynamic text hyperlink will enable the user to link a particular text to any point of reference on the web. This functionality can be accessed through the information editor section. The user has to select the text that is to be hyperlinked and click on the hyperlink icon that appears. The next step is to enter the URL to which the text is to be linked. Once this is done, the text is hyperlinked to the location specified by the user.

MindMatrix is constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve the scene of marketing automation so that the gap between marketing and sales can be closed. Upgrading inVision's information editor is one such step in this endeavor.

Pittsburgh – August, 09, 2009

MindMatrix adds on exciting features to its marketing platform to enhance user experience

New features include importing PDFs, output in e-book format and improved image editor with better capabilities.

MindMatrix Inc., a leading provider of Marketing Automation Software has added new functionalities to its service offering. Constant improvement and innovation being the core values of MindMatrix, the company has been striving continuously to make its products as efficient and user-friendly as possible. One such step is the module that has been added to inVision to provide superior user experience.

The latest version of its marketing solution allows users to view any presentation in the form reader – friendly e-books or PDFs. With the new version of MindMatrix's marketing solution supporting e-magazine format, the users enjoy a series of advantages like quick-loading graphics, better search engine optimization—since e-books and PDFs are more likely to be listed on web searches and improved readability—since the output can be blown up to full screen size on the e-book mode.

The newly released module not only empowers the user to create PDFs, but also enables importing them into existing templates. With these functions being combined into a single package, the users can now enjoy better readability and flexibility with respect to the output.

Another major feature that has been made a part of this module is the facelift provided to the image editor section. The new image editor makes image formatting very easy. The user does not have to be an expert in graphics to use this tool. With the new image editor, basic editing functions such as cropping and resizing of the image or adding border to the image can be performed with a few clicks.

Harbinder Khera, CEO of MindMatrix said, "We at MindMatrix place utmost importance on customer feedback. The new module is a result of listening to customers and valuing their input".

Pittsburgh – June, 14, 2009

MindMatrix creates e-commerce website for About Time

Designs the complete e-commerce package for the Nutrition Company

MindMatrix acted as an implementation partner for About Time—a leading nutrition supplement company, based in Pittsburgh, developing and deploying the company's e-commerce website. MindMatrix designed the complete e-commerce solution including a CRM solution for About Time and was also responsible for its initial set-up and implementation.

Building the e-commerce website involved integrating various elements including the website, e-commerce platform and About Time's CRM system. The result has been a great new website for About Time which showcases all its offerings in an attractive manner and is also easy to navigate through.

Please visit to view the site.

Pittsburgh – March, 25, 2009

Sperry Van Ness chooses MindMatrix's solution to be its premier marketing tool

inVision to provide Sperry Van Ness with custom made marketing materials for its property database.

Sperry Van Ness has signed up for MindMatrix's inVision platform to enhance its marketing efforts.

MindMatrix's inVision 3.0 platform will enable Sperry Van Ness advisors to create marketing documents related to the company's realty holdings. inVision will be fully integrated with Sperry Van Ness's existing database system—the OTS.

Being one of the leading real estate companies, Sperry Van Ness has an extensive real estate property database. As a company that takes pride in its technology driven approach, Sperry Van Ness was on the lookout for a marketing tool that would enable creation of personalized presentations and templates for property marketing. inVision was chosen because it offers effective brand management opportunities, through various channels such as personalized corporate templates, e-mail marketing and creation of custom landing pages.

Pittsburgh – January 19, 2009

MindMatrix's inVision hand-picked by Sotheby's International Realty for its presentations

MindMatrix's inVision 3.0 software to be part of the Sotheby's International Realty's marketing strategy.

MindMatrix, Inc. today announced that Sotheby's International Realty, has chosen MindMatrix's inVision 3.0 as its marketing tool.

MindMatrix's inVision 3.0 platform will be used by Sotheby's International Realty to develop personalized real estate marketing listing presentations in various languages including English, French and Spanish. Sotheby's International Realty has over 10,000 agents throughout the world who will be utilizing inVision's services.

InVision enables the creation of personalized, database-driven marketing materials that are optimized for electronic viewing—be it in the form of e-mails, micro websites, e-catalogs or presentations in Flash and PowerPoint. With its operations spanning worldwide, Sotheby's International Realty requires a Marketing Automation Software that will lend consistency while minimizing the need and time taken for constant manual update—an advantage that inVision offers. inVision allows Sotheby's International Realty to create tailor-made sales materials at a fraction of the normal time and cost.

Pittsburgh – November, 3, 2008

MindMatrix Upgrades inVision

E-mail customization & easier property data management are the results.

MindMatrix has released a new upgrade to the inVision software platform. The latest version of inVision, 3.2, provides users with several exciting enhancements to the tool's standard functionality. inVision 3.2 is fully compatible with Outlook 2007 and also has two key feature enhancements, one of them being e-mail customization. With the upgrade, inVision users will now be able to customize the appearance of their emails even more, by adding full color borders that help the email content really pop. They can also include a special message that's personalized for the recipient, to their email campaign. inVision creates this personalization dynamically - all users have to do is choose the contact information they'd like to use, and the place where they'd like it to appear in their message.

The second key feature enhancement concerns property data management. Users can now copy a property, and export either a selection or all of their property data. The new copy function gives users a quick, simple way to replicate data for similar properties - for example, office suites or buildings within a complex. The new export function allows data storage in CSV format—allowing for a fast, convenient method of transferring data, or to create a backup data repository.

Pittsburgh – July, 2008

MindMatrix supports marketing of Green

Indian Sustainability Pioneer Signs up for MindMatrix's marketing solution

Surmount Energy Solutions—a leading Green Building Solutions, Design and Construction services provider from India has signed up with MindMatrix for use of InVision to strengthen its marketing strategy.

Surmount will be using inVision to lend direction to its marketing and sales strategies. Surmount has multiple offices in India—all located at prime Indian cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore.

"Considering our diversified sales force, Surmount was looking for a Marketing Automation Software solution that could help bridge the gap between its sales and marketing teams. InVision, it turns out fits the bill to a T.", said Mr. Balbir, CEO of Surmount Energy Solutions

Pittsburgh – April, 14, 2006

MindMatrix Announces Release of WarRoom

Adds a secured document storage component to its offerings

MindMatrix, Inc. recently announced the release of the newest component in its investment marketing platform – WarRoom secured document storage.

WarRoom simplifies and streamlines the process of selling. It allows users to maintain document security, as well as versatile control over access to confidential information. WarRoom is fully customizable and easily adapts to accommodate transactions, large or small.

Yet WarRoom is only one element of the MindMatrix investment marketing platform. The complete package, powered by inVision software, offers users the ability to organize and manage their information, generate detailed reports for owners and investors, and create marketing material such as flyers, email advertisements, and flash presentations. inVision also fully integrates with a user's existing property database, so information can be created and edited from a single point of data entry.

MindMatrix designs products for the needs of sales and marketing professionals. CEO Harbinder Khera explains, "Our product is totally unique in the marketplace because it provides customers with all the essential tools necessary to sell property and close the deal. We've gathered key elements of marketing, communication, investing, and sales, and combined them into one comprehensive solution."

Pittsburgh – September, 7, 2004

MindMatrix, Inc. offers Non-Hosted Option for Real Estate Marketing

inVision offers individualized sales and marketing tools

MindMatrix, Inc. today launched a new version of its real estate sales and marketing system. inVision offers a non-hosted alternative to the MindMatrix web-based Vision 3.0 platform…

inVision offers instant integration with previously existing database systems to merge property information into presentation templates, removing the need to learn web languages or hire outside vendors. Available in Flash, HTML and PDF versions, the presentations can be used for websites, teasers, emails, property flyers and brochures.

"Though our Vision 3.0 platform offers a myriad of sales and marketing operations, clients were looking for a less-involved start to digital marketing for their real estate properties," says Harbinder Khera, CEO of MindMatrix. "Many real estate professionals continue to use outdated database systems and completely separate online marketing materials. inVision offers them a seamless integration without the complexity of a larger system with backend functions."

In addition to the presentation templates, inVision comes equipped with design tools for users to build their own presentations. The system offers complete integration with existing applications, from Windows environments, CRM packages, property management tools and other enterprise applications.

Pittsburgh – May, 22, 2004

MindMatrix to Exhibit at Realcomm 2004, San Francisco

MindMatrix will be exhibiting Vision 3.0 and unveiling new tools to more effectively market commercial real estate at Realcomm, the leading forum for innovation and automation in real estate, June 3-4.

Harbinder Khera, CEO, MindMatrix says, "As their website says, this year's Realcomm event is expected to be different from its preceding years. There's a lot of excitement and energy around it. Plus, this year's Realcomm seems to be more 'Real'—with actual case studies being discussed and path-breaking yet viable technology being showcased. So I think MindMatrix fits in perfectly at Realcomm 2004. We're expecting a great response."

According to Jim Young, founder Realcomm, this year Realcomm is working closely with PikeNet, BuilConn, CABA and other 25 Association Partners to deliver the most comprehensive technology and automation information available today to our industry at Realcomm 2004. "International Best Practices will set new bars, Intelligent buildings are being created and will come into our marketplace very quickly, paperless transactions will become mainstream, data standards are being developed, -- it's an exciting time for the Commercial Real Estate world!"he says

Pittsburgh – April, 21, 2004

MindMatrix Adds Trammell Crow Company to Client Roster

MindMatrix Vision 3.0 software to be part of Mid-Atlantic Region's marketing strategy

MindMatrix, Inc. today announced that Trammell Crow Company, one of the nation's largest diversified commercial real estate services companies, has launched MindMatrix Vision 3.0 as a marketing tool for its Mid-Atlantic Region.

Trammell Crow Company's Mid-Atlantic region provides leasing, property management, development, brokerage services, and construction management for clients in Washington, D.C., suburban Maryland and Northern Virginia. The company's project leasing group uses MindMatrix to develop, distribute and track e-marketing campaigns for properties throughout the region.

The product enables brokers to organize information such as floor plans, amenities, architectural renderings, and building photos into a comprehensive Internet-driven presentation. With centralized edit capabilities that allow property details to be easily created and updated, Vision 3.0 is proving to be a useful element of Trammell Crow's Mid-Atlantic marketing plan.

"The Vision 3.0 package provides a cost-effective, efficient and effective solution to market commercial or residential properties," said Harbinder Khera, CEO and founder of MindMatrix. With the extensive tools and functions of Vision 3.0, the program is ideal for all owners and brokers - whether major commercial real estate firms or local realty agents - looking to step up the effectiveness of their marketing strategy.

MindMatrix recently enhanced Vision 3.0 for commercial or residential properties, to simplify and enhance real estate marketing strategies. To see Vision 3.0 in action visit or visit MindMatrix

About Trammell Crow Company
Founded in 1948, Trammell Crow Company is one of the largest diversified commercial real estate services companies in the United States. Through its Global Services Group, the company provides building management, brokerage and project management services to both investors in and users of commercial real estate. Development and investment services are provided through the company's Development & Investment Group. In addition to its full service offices located throughout the United States, the company has offices in Canada, Europe, Asia and Latin/South America focused on the delivery of real estate services to corporate customers. The company delivers brokerage services outside the United States through strategic alliances with leading providers - in Europe and Asia, through Savills, plc, a leading property services company based in the United Kingdom; and in Canada, through JJ Barnicke, a leading Canadian real estate services provider. Trammell Crow Company is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol "TCC" and is located on the World Wide Web at

Pittsburgh – April, 07, 2004

MindMatrix Featured in Pikenet Dispatch

MindMatrix was recently featured in the Pikenet Dispatch by Peter Pike. Here's the excerpt.

"Trammell Crow's Electronic Marketing Rerunning the History Reel... "The more things change, the more they stay the same." That idea echoed through my mind as I spoke last week with Terry Hindermann, Director of Brokerage Services for the Mid-Atlantic Region (Baltimore to Richmond) of Trammell Crow.

What format is best for circulating space available information? How do you most efficiently communicate to the wider brokerage community? How do you reduce the need for administrative support? Hey, this sounds familiar. I remember debating these questions thirty years ago in my first real estate job.

Hindermann recently rolled out MindMatrix to market space in his region electronically. MindMatrix acts as a central depository (or "library") of listing information, including floor layouts and stacking plans. Electronic fliers can be sent to brokers or directly to prospective tenants and the results tracked electronically. And very importantly, according to Hindermann, the system is simple enough for brokers to use without extensive IT support.

"We're always looking for additional non-burdensome technologies that make it easier to do our job better." Referencing a library of information at MindMatrix reduces Trammell Crow's need (in Washington DC) to tour properties in "98% humidity." That makes everybody happier. Of course, the operative phrase is "non-burdensome." And in Hindermann's words, we're all searching for the right balance between "legwork and technology." Sound familiar? "

Pittsburgh – March, 16, 2004

Vision 3.0 Markets New Developments Projects

Developers of real estate enhance the marketing of new projects with Vision 3.0 in a cost effective manner

MindMatrix, a leading provider of sales and marketing software tools, has a solution for marketing new developments using Vision 3.0, a web-based software platform for innovative real estate sales and marketing. The package allows companies to centralize their marketing strategies, creates cost effective development specific websites, and track the activity of their prospective clients.

Property information changes all the time. Plans are being updated, new photos become available, renderings are altered and amenities are added. These types of changes are the greatest stumbling blocks in marketing new developments. Prospective buyers and lessees need to be informed of such updates in a quick and accessible way, before the information becomes stale.

Vision 3.0 allows owners and brokers to communicate to prospects new developments as they are happening. With all forms of property information centralized into one web-based location, details can be created and updated from anywhere, anytime. Using highly interactive and dynamic marketing presentations, prospects have access to the most recent information and visual illustrations of the property by simply opening an email and linking to a website - no waiting for bulky and costly mailings that tend to be thrown aside.

"This product allowed us to get a functional website up very quickly for our new industrial projects saving us time and money," said Jennifer Pancost of Keystone Property Trust. Using Vision 3.0's email tracking device, Pancost qualified her prospects based upon their interest. She was able to see who opened her emails and how many people checked out her website. With that kind of information, companies can more efficiently target prospective clients, effectively reducing their marketing costs.

Pittsburgh – January, 20, 2004

Edina Realty Signs up for MindMatrix Marketing Tools

Vision 3.0 software proves an "essential part" of Edina's marketing of new construction projects

Edina Realty, the largest residential real estate company in Minnesota and one of the nation's top realty firms, has just invested in the MindMatrix Vision 3.0 software to market all new construction projects. The MindMatrix Corporation, a leading provider of sales and marketing software tools, has created the Vision 3.0 package for commercial and residential real estate to simplify and upgrade marketing strategies.

Edina works with multiple home builders on various new construction projects throughout Minnesota and much of the Dakotas and Wisconsin. Their information is constantly changing as new homes are developed and sold. To sell these projects, prospective buyers must be able to quickly access this information. Edina recognized their need for an easily adaptable web-based software package that could organize the plot plans, floor plans and the photos of various homes in an attractive and user-friendly fashion.

The MindMatrix Vision 3.0 software package does just that. Property information is neatly organized into an interactive web-based marketing presentation and centralized edit capabilities allow project details to be created and updated anywhere, anytime. Loaded with tools such as e-marketing campaigns to track prospect interest, easily generated property activity reports and updating information on third party listing services, such as the Multiple Listing Service (MLS data feed), Vision 3.0 fuses all the sales and marketing techniques required to sell or lease commercial or residential properties.

"The MindMatrix product will be an essential part of our marketing scheme for new construction projects," said SharrySchmid at Edina Realty's head builder resource group. "Now we can streamline the information on our new construction business and provide value added service to our builders and prospects."

Pittsburgh – November, 25, 2003

MindMatrix Launches Vision 3.0 for Innovative Real Estate Sales and Marketing

Property Owners and Brokers can enhance their marketing strategies with a single software package

MindMatrix, a leading provider of sales and marketing software tools, announces Vision 3.0, a new class of software that streamlines a real estate company's existing marketing material and generates new dynamic marketing techniques. Companies can leverage previously developed marketing materials, use the tool to build comprehensive presentations for special properties and projects, track results of marketing efforts, and qualify sales leads in real time. Sales and marketing tools can now be found all in one box, simplifying a company's marketing strategy.

With Vision 3.0, software technology can turn a real estate company website into a marketing machine. While flashy web design will attract potential buyers, Vision 3.0 goes even further to allow owners and brokers to track the activity of their prospects. Through detailed activity reports, users can follow who has opened emails and who has visited the website. With that information owners can spend their resources more efficiently targeting a specific audience.

Beyond the advanced marketing capabilities, Vision 3.0 provides owners and brokers with a unified platform to simplify their information communication needs. Operating on the principle that information should be entered once, Vision 3.0 contains features allowing users to import their contacts from CRM packages, update their own property information, and update user defined listing services and business publications automatically.

"The key challenge in the industry is to effectively communicate and track marketing information to prospective buyers," said Harbinder Khera, CEO of MindMatrix. Vision 3.0 meets this challenge by saving customer's time while increasing profitability and productivity for property owners and brokers.

Pittsburgh – January, 2, 2003

MindMatrix Outfits Real Estate Industry with Innovative Visual Solution

Potential Buyers now have access to properties with virtual tour, reducing time and costs while boosting service and productivity

MindMatrix, a leading provider of visual solutions software tools, announces Vision, a new class of software that makes it easy for real estate owners, agents, and operators to present a property and all of its amenities to customers for exploration without actually having to be there. This saves customers time by allowing them to view many properties at once, while increasing profitability and productivity through improved service and accessibility.

Ideally, real estate operators would be able to present all potential properties to their customers. Realistically, in today's busy environment, this is not always practical. Vision allows customers to explore the property selectively and interactively through a virtual tour created by linking photographs and images with highlighted icons of key features. Simply by clicking on a highlighted area, the customers can "see" the rooms and/or floor plans inside, so as to mentally orient themselves with the property.

MindMatrix's Visual Solution Engine (VSE) is the core component of all MindMatrix's platforms. The VSE permits input of various types of information, such as pieces of text, documents, graphics, images, audio clips, etc. Once this information has been uploaded, the VSE creates an efficiently packaged, interwoven unit of information known as a [vis]ualsolut[ion], or VISION. A Vision can either replace or enhance existing sales and marketing methods, and can be linked in an email campaign to buyers. Conveniently, a Vision does not require a website or any downloads, and can use standard photographs or images.

Pittsburgh – May, 22, 2001

MindMatrix Offers a Faster and Easier Way to Access Customer Support

Launches the MindMatrix Support Centre which allows clients to chat with MindMatrix's client support team

Introducing the MindMatrix Support Center, designed to help users with questions about all MindMatrix products and services. The Support Center provides several options for assistance online, including the Knowledgebase catalog of frequently requested topics and a Live Chat module.

"This new system will allow our clients to obtain excellent and timely support for all of our products and services," explains Senior Software Architect Chris Wastchak. "In particular, the Live Chat feature will allow clients to get immediate, one-on-one assistance."

The MindMatrix Support Center is now online, and will be expanded and refined over the next few weeks. Access this service at by clicking on the "Client Support" button.

Pittsburgh – March, 14, 2001

MindMatrix and the Wireless Data Forum Join Forces to Solve IT Problems

MindMatrix is a one-of-a-kind project development platform that connects hardware, software, services and industry knowledge through interactive solution diagrams. With MindMatrix, decision-makers not only see the solutions that directly address their needs, but they also can choose from a list of leading manufacturers' products needed to implement those solutions. Vendors benefit from an easy outlet to educate end-users about their products, while end-users get a clear view of how an individual product fits into a complete solution.

"The [wireless] industry, in general, is characterized by fragmented information about hundreds of new products and services," said Harbinder Khera, founder and president of MindMatrix, Inc. "The true value in this alliance is that together we can streamline the education process for IT professionals. By connecting WDF products and services and actually showing how they are applied in real business solutions, we directly address the needs of IT professionals and help them make sense of the information overload."

"We are pleased to provide our members with this opportunity to showcase the capability and range of their wireless data products and services," said Mark Desautels, President & CEO of the WDF. "We believe the MindMatrix platform, developed by WDF member MindMatrix, is a powerful tool that furnishes IT managers and systems developers and integrators with the information they need to develop wireless data solutions to their business problems."

Pittsburgh - October, 17, 2000

MindMatrix adds manufacturing IT solution to its list of offerings

MindMatrix Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA) introduced a Web-based solution aimed at assisting IT professionals in developing solutions to IT problems encountered in the manufacturing industry. Like all solutions provided by MindMatrix's, the new manufacturing solution connects products and services in actual diagrams that visually portray their application to a common IT problem. Products and services from major manufacturers can be chosen online to best satisfy a project's requirements.

MindMatrix's web page encourages users to share thoughts and exchange ideas in an attempt to form a worldwide online knowledge base.

The initial offering of manufacturing solutions includes options for implementing bar coding and printing, inventory control, quality control, and remote monitoring systems.

By accounting for the diverse needs and obstacles associated with implementing manufacturing solutions, MindMatrix provides IT professionals with increased capabilities to efficiently research and implement solutions that meet their specific IT needs.

According to Harbinder Khera, president and founder of MindMatrix, the manufacturing solution was added to in order to better satisfy IT professionals' need for vertical-specific information. "The manufacturing industry represents an area of rapid development and significant importance for IT professionals," Khera says. "MindMatrix provides real-life solutions to help IT professionals respond to rapidly changing technologies and industry demands."

Pittsburgh – September, 27, 2000

MindMatrix Names Executive Vice President of Global Sales to Sperhead New Boston Office.

John Noonan Heads Expansion into an East Coast Technology Hub.

MindMatrix, Inc., announced the opening of its Boston office and the appointment of John Noonan, Vice President of Global Sales. The combination of Mr. Noonan's wealth of management and executive-level marketing and sales experience in the IT sector and expanded presence in a high-technology growth market opens new doors for MindMatrix and its solutions-based products.

Mr. Noonan is responsible for coordinating MindMatrix's global sales efforts and providing operational management during this period of rapid growth. While expanding MindMatrix's east coast presence, the Boston office also allows greater access to industry partners, MindMatrix board and advisory board members, key industry analysts and potential investors.

"The Boston office will serve as a marketing and communications hub, enhancing our (MindMatrix's) ability to effectively coordinate sales efforts and expand industry awareness of as the ultimate project development platform for IT professionals," said Noonan. "A vice president of marketing, as well as various sales and business development positions, will also be based out of the Boston office."

"Aggressive marketing and sales is paramount to MindMatrix's growth and establishment as the leading project development platform within the IT industry," said Harbinder Khera, president and founder of MindMatrix, Inc. "John brings both depth and breadth of experience and expertise, and provides the leadership necessary to meet the sales and marketing challenges that come with expanding in today's fiercely competitive environment."

Pittsburgh – August 04, 2000

MindMatrix Caters IT Solutions to Food Service Industry

MindMatrix, Inc., a Pittsburgh-based IT & marketing solutions providing company has added a series of wireless IT solutions designed specifically to better assist IT professionals in completing projects that meet the needs of the Food Service industry. Like all solutions provided by MindMatrix, the Food Service solutions connect products and services in actual diagrams to visually portray the solution to an IT problem. Products and services from major manufacturers can be chosen online to best satisfy a project's requirements.

The initial offering of Food Service wireless IT solutions includes options for implementing private paging systems and wireless networks for order taking. Wireless paging systems can instantly alert customers when a table is ready or notify employees when an order is ready. Wireless networks enable employees to enter a customer's order into a handheld computing device. The wireless network instantly relays the inputted order to the chef or bartender and stores the order for management analysis. By accounting for the diverse needs and obstacles associated with implementing an IT project in the Food Service environment, MindMatrix provides IT professionals with the tools to efficiently research and implement solutions for the Food Service industry.

Harbinder Khera, president and founder of MindMatrix, Inc., said that the Food Service section was added to MindMatrix in order to better satisfy IT professionals' need for vertical-specific information. "The Food Service vertical is simply another demonstration of (MindMatrix's) awareness that solutions must always be adapted to function optimally within a specific environment," said Khera. "MindMatrix provides real-life solutions developed to operate within real-life environments."

Other MindMatrix solutions include those specifically designed for various vertical industries including education, healthcare, public safety, retail, yachting, banking, real estate, small office/home office--with manufacturing and other verticals coming soon.