Help your channel partners engage in personalized channel marketing while infusing transparency into channel partner activities

When you are selling through channel partners/dealers, their sales effectiveness determines your success. While offering great opportunities for growth, selling through channel partners/dealers presents unique challenges.

With our sales enablement software, your channel partners/dealers get access to customized partner portals that provide them with a 360-degree prospect view of their leads. They also get access to channel playbooks, which spell out the actions they need to take at each stage of the buyer’s journey to make an impact.

Mindmatrix also integrates seamlessly with your channel partner/dealer’s CRM, offering them a single view of their prospects. Your channel partners/dealers can register new leads in the Mindmatrix partner portal while you can keep tabs on how they are performing. The Mindmatrix partner portal also allows your channel partners/dealers to engage in local marketing by providing them access to channel branded, personalized channel marketing and sales assets.

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