Better Brand Management with Marketing Automation

Given the large number of platforms on which you interact with prospects, brand management becomes a challenge. With every new platform comes another risk of distorting your brand image.

MindMatrix's Marketing Automation Software, AMP, can reduce the complexities of brand management that arise from marketing across multiple platforms by using automation. For instance, data updates are automatically transferred to the content of every different platform. AMP can also ensure that as each new platform is designed, all of your graphic and branding designs are properly replicated.

AMP eliminates your branding challenges by—

  • Acting as a single platform for capture and storage of all brand-related information
  • Supporting high-impact personalized marketing and sales material creation, on-demand and without deviating from company branding standards
  • Keeping marketing and sales materials up-to-date by ensuring that any change to the them is reflected in all relevant areas
  • Maintaining accuracy of marketing and sales materials by synchronizing information between both the divisions, which lends consistency in terms of branding, company information, and product/service details.

AMP's template-driven approach to sales and marketing materials creation and its tight integration with the brand management module provides you with all the right branding tools that you'll need to ensure that your company's branding information is up-to-date and consistent in every single communication.

Brand Management