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  • The Right Sales Enablement Software for Manufacturing is here.

    Marketing for the manufacturing industry means you have to nurture great Business-to-Business relationships while simultaneously supporting geographically dispersed distribution-channels. As a manufacturer, success depends on how well your brand is marketed and sold by your distributors. Mindmatrix can help with a complete solution for marketing automation for manufacturing and distribution companies.


  • Sales Enablement Software that Understands Retail’s Unique Challenges.

    By providing you tools to monitor your marketing campaigns and analyze all-around performance, our platform lets you focus on the most profitable marketing avenues while cutting out the least effective ones. Mindmatrix can provide the solution for marketing automation for retailers. Brand Management.


  • Sales Enablement Software that Suites the competitive High Tech Landscape.

    Sales Enablement for high tech needs to be dynamic, proactive and competitive.  It relies heavily on the use of Business-to-Business marketing, as well as the use of channel partners for additional distribution and sales. Our high tech marketing automation solutions help you stay ahead of the competition by maximizing your marketing and sales effectiveness.


  • Enable your Agents, Reps and Brokers to Stand Out.

    Financial services marketing comes with its own unique set of challenges. Increasing government regulation, a competitive environment, and a complex sales process complicate marketing efforts. Our Sales Enablement platform can help your agents, brokers or independent representatives target their customers and prospects individually, while working within the constraints of this complex business environment.


  • Looking for ways to increase your broker’s and agent’s sales effectiveness?

    MindMatrix’s platform for marketing automation for real estate is currently being used by over one hundred brokers, owners, REITs, developers, and others throughout the real estate industry.  We enable our real estate clients to create targeted, personalized communications that turn their prospects into customers.


Our Clients

" With Mindmatrix in the picture, everything changed for the better. It helped us strengthen the presence of our brand through social and web media marketing tools.”
Balbir Khera, CEO, Surmount Energy
Sales Enablement Whitepaper

Are You Making The Most of Your Investment In Sales Enablement Software?


For The Marketer

Marketing has always been challenged to generate leads and enable sales success with limited resources. Mindmatrix gives you a powerful software platform to help sales understand which  sales leads need immediate attention, what materials to use at what stages of a sales cycle, where to find those assets quickly, how to personalize those assets, and allows the marketer to track their usage and effectiveness.

Marketing Automation Software for Marketer

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For The Salesperson

Use our sales enablement software to better align your sales and marketing teams. Give your salespeople their own personalized portal that will arm them with the tools they need to engage prospects, leads and customers and start closing more sales now.

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For the Channel Partner

The Mindmatrix sales enablement software is designed not only to provide a complete set of sales enablement tools for the channel partner, but to provide easy to understand metrics and insight to help the channel manager keep track of their channels’ activities. Give your channels the ability to personalize sales materials while still ensuring that your messaging and brand standards are upheld.

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Mindmatrix understands the unique problems faced by franchise owners; Not all of your franchise operators will have the same background in sales and marketing. We have leveled the playing field with easy-to-use templates for marketing & sales campaigns and access to a full scope of metrics so that it is easy to determine what is working and what isn’t, regardless of how much, or little, experience one has.

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