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    This course is designed and certified by Mindmatrix, a leader in PRM and partner marketing solutions since 1998

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    Covers everything anyone in the partner marketing industry would need to know to excel at partner marketing

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    You will learn winning partner marketing strategies and tactics that you can apply on a day-to-day basis to succeed at work

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    You get access to partner marketing templates and other actionable resources that you can use to take your partner marketing initiatives to the next level

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    Getting accredited by Mindmatrix in partner marketing adds significant value to your resume and professional qualifications while helping you grow as a partner marketing professional

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Highlights of the Mindmatrix Partner Marketing
University Certification Course

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    Designed by Mindmatrix, the leader in Partner Marketing since 1998

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    From Partner Marketing basics to advanced concepts, covers it all

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    25+ Hours of engaging Partner Marketing content

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    Suitable for both, current partner marketing professionals and those just starting out or transitioning into a partner marketing role

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    Course materials include expert-led videos, informative PDFs, interactive quizzes, and ready-to-deploy Partner Marketing templates, worksheets & many other actionable resources

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    Learn at your own pace and complete the course to get your Partner Marketing Certification as and when your schedule permits

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Course Content: What is covered?

  • What is the role of a partner marketer?
  • What are the core skills or competencies that a partner marketer is expected to have?
  • What are the key responsibilities of a partner marketer?
  • Who are the various stakeholders with whom the partner marketer has to interact with and what are their challenges?
  • How has the role of a partner marketer evolved to where it is today?

  • Gain an understanding of what is meant by the term, "Partner Ecosystem"
  • Learn how it differs from other go-to-market strategies
  • Review examples of the major types of partners that you may encounter in an ecosystem
  • Develop a high-level understanding of organizational structures commonly found in the partner ecosystem

  • What are the different kinds of partner marketing content?
  • Tailoring partner marketing content based on partner persona
  • Tailoring partner marketing content based on partner marketing type and stages
  • Effective partner marketing content creation

Discover the different forms of partner marketing

  • To, through with and for-partner marketing
  • Understand what they mean and when vendors should be engaging in each of these

  • What is personalization?
  • The use of personalization in partner marketing
  • Co-branding and personalization

  • Learn more about the most common sales and marketing tools that should be considered when designing a complete, multi-channel campaign

The new buyer's journey has drastically changed B2B marketing and sales. Learn how partner marketing strategies have to evolve to achieve partner marketing success in the new buyer's journey. This chapter outlines the process of helping your partner's marketing efforts align with the buyer's journey as it is experienced today.

  • What is MDF?
  • What are co-op funds?
  • How do each of them work?
  • What are the benefits of MDF & co-op funds?
  • Measuring MDF & co-op fund usage and effectiveness

Learn about the the 7 key elements that help drive partner engagement

Learn more about the core KPIs of partner marketing and why it is important to measure and analyze them

Learn how Channel marketing concierge services

  • Ensure that the channel partners actually use the marketing tools and resources made available to them by the vendor
  • Help channel partners drive maximum benefits from channel marketing programs and tools
  • Help generate more revenue for the vendor by helping channel partners market and sell the vendor's products and services better

  • What is a partner referral program?
  • Why should you have a partner referral program?
  • How to build a successful partner referral program?

  • What is account-based marketing?
  • The process of account-based marketing
  • What is the goal of account-based marketing?

Discover the importance of capturing partner feedback in strengthening partner relationships and growing channel revenue.

Gain invaluable insights into building strong partnerships, leveraging effective partner marketing tools for the success of your partner marketing initiatives.

Understand the Role in AI in partner marketing today and learn how next-gen partner marketing platforms deploy AI to make partner marketing more effective

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