Strike up the right conversation with your leads in the online world with our marketing automation software

What would you do if a lead walked into your office or your booth at the tradeshow? Try to strike up a conversation, right? Then why should it be any different when they visit you online? Mindmatrix sales automation software helps you start the right conversation in the online world by tracking web visitors for you. Your website is the online equivalent of your office or tradeshow booth and our platform’s web analytics feature helps you identify your visitors and follow their online interaction with you. This helps you conduct a meaningful conversation with your visitors, driving more business for you. Here’s what our web tracking module does for you—

  • Tracks every activity the visitor performs on your website such as link clicks, downloads, time spent on each page
  • Generates email/SMS alerts for specified activities
  • In case of anonymous visitors, tracks their company domain to give you an insight into which organization the visitor may be from
  • Provides details such as location, device used to access your site, etc., so you know the audience type with which your web assets are most popular
  • Web A/B testing so you know which web pages work the best
Sales enablement software with a LinkedIn lead generation tool

web analytics with sales automation-partner relationship management