With our sales enablement software, you know how your sales networks, sales/marketing campaigns and collateral are performing

Know what works, what doesn’t

When you engage in multi-step, multi-channel sales marketing campaigns that stretch across various regions and have multiple sales networks, developing a usable set of metrics to evaluate these varied tactics can be difficult. How to measure the returns on these varied sales and marketing investments is one question all C-level execs wrestle with.

Mindmatrix sales enablement software solves this by automating the marketing and sales analytics function to enable easy and accurate measurement of your marketing and sales efforts.

Measure the effectiveness of various sales and marketing activities

Mindmatrix sales enablement software gathers, compiles and analyzes data to create meaningful reports that help you understand what works and what doesn't—across multiple marketing channels such as print, email, SMS, social media and web marketing.

Measure the effectiveness of every sales network

Whether you are selling through direct sales teams, independent reps, channel partners, dealers, franchisees or all of the these, Mindmatrix sales automation tools can help you see how each sales network is performing and how each player in that network is doing. With our sales automation tools, answering questions like which channel partner is most effective, which franchisee needs to ramp up their sales, which salesperson has the best closure rates will be easy and fast!

Make effective use of resources

With our sales automation tools, the report generation process is easy and user-friendly, so you don't have to waste time preparing cumbersome spreadsheets and charts. Get reports on virtually every action that has taken place via Mindmatrix.

Mindmatrix offers over 30 built-in reports. Here’s a quick look at some of them…

  • Asset usage report: Measure the usefulness index of every asset type including playbooks, emails, presentations, landing pages or PDFs created in the system. Learn who is using the asset, how often and at what sales stage.
  • Asset effectiveness: These reports allow you to measure the effectiveness of each of your assets by telling you how the prospects interacted with them. Get answers to questions like which emails get maximum opens, which e-guides are most popular and which pages on your site get maximum hits.
  • Sales and channel engagement reports: When you sell through multiple sales networks, your success depends on how engaged your salespeople, reps or channel partners are in promoting your products/services. Our sales and channel engagement reports allow you to quantify the engagement index of your sales networks based on their use of the Mindmatrix platform and their interaction with you via the platform.
  • Contact/opportunity reports: Wondering where your leads get lost in the sales funnel? Then these are the reports you need to check. Our Contact/opportunity reports tell you the conversion rates at each point of sales cycle. Examples of Contact/opportunity reports offered by Mindmatrix include Contact to opportunity conversion, Sales stages report, Win/loss report on opportunity, Sales pipeline report and so on.
  • Individual sales/channel reports: Want to know which salesperson is a stellar performer and who needs refresher training? Or perhaps you just want to find out which channel partner is not worth your investment of time and effort. Either way, the individual sales/channel reports section is your answer. Get in-depth insight on the performance of your sales networks in a few clicks.
  • Lead to revenue reports: Closing a lead is great, but do you know if it was really worth it? Find out with our lead-to-revenue reports. Mindmatrix’s lead to revenue identifies the time and resources you invested at each stage of the sales cycle so you can decide if the lead was worth pursuing or not. It also helps you understand your typical sales cycle better by clearly charting out your prospect’s journey from the time they were a lead and became a MQL and then a SQL and finally converted into a customer.

Additionally, customized reports can be generated based on various criteria such as

  • Marketing /sales media type
  • Marketing/sales campaign
  • Social media engagement levels
  • Contact demographics
  • Lead activity
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Salesperson/channel partner activity and engagement levels
  • Onboarding and training effectiveness levels

The bottom line--with Mindmatrix sales automation tools, a few clicks is all it takes to learn how well your sales networks, sales campaigns and each sales material is performing.

use sales enablement software to measure your effectiveness

channel engagement analytics for channel marketing-partner relationship management

use sales enablement software to measure your effectiveness