Your destination for all the data you need about your contacts, sales and marketing campaigns, training materials and more!

Access to all key information at a single place

Mindmatrix sales automation software's dashboard is your one-stop answer to all the questions you have about your contacts, sales and marketing campaigns, training materials, etc.

The Dashboard provides an overview of a lead’s behavior. The live-feed section provides information on leads tracked through link-tracking and site tracking features—in real time. Know the lead name, name of the company they belong to, their location and the links/sites they visited. You can also get a contact’s lead scores and contact-specific activity overview.

A glance at the dashboard will help you understand the interest levels of your contacts. Get daily, weekly or monthly reports about their activities. The real-time lead scores, based on the pre-set lead scoring model you create, helps you realize which leads are hot and need to be pursued immediately and which ones need to be nurtured. Thus, one look at your dashboard and you’ll know who your hot leads are and what they’re up to, so that you can optimize your marketing sales strategies to get better results.

The dashboard also has quick start buttons for setting up a user account, media creation, contact management and accessing the document and media gallery. You can also download the Mindmatrix mobile app that allows you to access your Mindmatrix sales automation account using your smart phone or tablet.

Sales profile users

Apart from the key elements discussed above, the Mindmatrix sales automation software dashboard provides very specific information to the users in the sales profile (channel partners, salespeople, independent reps, franchisees). Mindmatrix sales automation software's dashboard provides sales users one-click access to playbooks, specific contact lists and to-do lists that have been assigned to them. Any new sales asset that has been uploaded into the system can be viewed instantly from the dashboard. The dashboard also offers sales profile users quick access to training materials and the sales presentation creation module.

Marketing profile users

Apart from in-depth insight into lead activities, for users in the marketing role (Corporate marketing/channel marketing/franchisors) Mindmatrix sales automation software offers information about assets that are most popular among the prospects, salespeople, channel partners and franchisees. Marketing users can also view the performance of their last five marketing campaigns and prospect conversion ratio.

use sales enablement platform for dashboard customization

Sales dashboard of Mindmatrix sales enablement software