Get instant updates on key prospect behavior with our sales enablement software

Closing a deal often boils down to how well your sales network is connected to their prospects. Are they there when the prospects are ready to buy or when they have a question? If not, the lead may just gravitate towards a competitor. Mindmatrix sales enablement software can prevent this from happening by generating alerts via SMS and emails for your salespeople, channel partners, reps and dealers, helping them take the right action on time.

A new lead signed up? Someone downloaded the pricing sheet? A lead requested a demo? All you need to do is specify the conditions in Mindmatrix and our sales enablement software will automatically send alerts to the concerned point of contact about it.

Using our sales enablement software you can also set task-reminders for your sales channels. Have a webinar for your channel partners. Program Mindmatrix to send them an SMS reminder an hour before. Holding a refresher training for sales? Let Mindmatrix remind your salespeople about it a day before. Program the reminders into the Mindmatrix sales enablement software and let the system be your channel partners's and sales people's personal assistant!

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