Sales enablement tools that allow a dispersed sales network to personalize their sales effort, all within tight regulatory constraints.

Financial services marketing is tightly controlled by government regulations. Ensuring that regulatory requirements are met and your sales and marketing efforts are in compliance is very important. At the same time, attracting quality leads by means of widespread, more dispersed sales networks and distribution channels can be challenging. Mindmatrix offers marketing automation software that is designed to resolve the challenges of financial services marketing.

Our sales enablement software gives your brokers and reps a real-time view of their prospects, the power to followup with them instantly via email or SMS and the ability to make an impact via personalized sales communications. And, the best part…they don’t have to depend on your marketing team to be able to do all this. You get to monitor the results of their marketing and sales efforts and at the same time, don't have to worry about your brand being misrepresented, Mindmatrix comes with advanced asset management tools that help maintain brand integrity.

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