Mindmatrix sales and marketing automation software offers multiple lead generation avenues

Studies show that about 80% of leads from marketing are abandoned by sales for being unqualified. While sales networks complain of poor lead quality, marketing teams find it difficult to justify their significant marketing investments because of poor lead closure rates. But these closure rates could improve. With the Mindmatrix sales automation platform, marketing can generate quality leads and also provide methods to nurture leads, so sales only receives leads that are truly sales ready.

Using Mindmatrix you can

  • Build search engine optimized, mobile compatible, responsive landing pages to attract qualified leads
  • Engage in powerful email marketing campaigns that work to keep your brand on top of your prospect’s minds even when you are busy with other tasks
  • Automatically segment your leads based on numerous parameters such as lead behavior or lead attributes
  • Get a 360° insight into lead behavior as Mindmatrix sales and marketing automation software tracks and studies lead behavior across various touch points, including landing pages, social media and websites to give you a complete prospect profile
  • Automatically score your leads on relevant and measurable criteria which matter to you
  • Develop personalized, effective lead cultivation programs for leads that score low or are not ready to buy so you can improve conversion rates
  • Consolidate data from multiple touch-points to enhance marketing and sales effectiveness
  • Engage in social lead generation with Mindmatrix’s social selling and social media marketing module

Deploy Mindmatrix sales enablement software and sit back and watch as your lead-drop rates fall and you enjoy an overall increase in sales.

email marketing(campaign) with marketing automation software

sales enablement tool offers lead generation via landing pages-partner relationship management