Get a complete view of MDF usage and lead registrations with our PRM software

Keeping track of MDF distributed to multiple channel partners, for multiple different marketing needs, can be a hassle. With Mindmatrix PRM and channel marketing software’s MDF module, it is easy to manage your channel partners’ designated MDF. Your channel partners can apply for MDF funds via their partner portal on Mindmatrix and you can view their fund usage and approve or reject their MDF request. Always knowing which channels are spending MDF and what they are spending it on ensures that you make the most of your marketing funds.

The Mindmatrix PRM and Channel marketing software also allows you to manage your lead registration process efficiently by creating an avenue where your channel partners can register new leads. You get to control the flow of leads to your channel partners and to approve every lead registration. No more channel conflicts as Mindmatrix lead registration module ensures no one wastes their time competing for the same customer. Once the lead has been registered, one channel partner will follow-up with the lead and the others will move on to other business. You can also use the information from the lead registration process as a metric to judge partner performance.

sales automation tool offers MDF 1

channel marketing automation offers MDF 2