Build a strong channel partner network with our PRM software

Recruiting partners is as challenging as generating leads and prospecting end users. You need to work on a strategy for how to reach out with consistent, quality messaging and develop a recruiting process. You need to understand which partner is most interested and then reach out to them accordingly. Mindmatrix PRM Software offers you all the tools you need to attract and recruit the right channel partners. Examples include

  • Landing pages and forms to attract partner sign-ups
  • Lead (potential partner) scoring, segmentation and management.
  • Potential partner nurturing drips (emails/SMS).
  • Lead (potential partner) activity monitoring and triggers to make the right move at the right time

With Mindmatrix’s PRM software you can

  • Organize your contacts on "one platform"
  • Create a strategy with content and deployment on "one platform"
    • Use "one platform" to automate delivery of content, track opens and score them
    • Distribute hot leads (partners) to recruitment/sales team through "one platform"
  • Recruiting / Sales
    • Identify hot leads (partners) on "one platform"
    • Build a recruiting playbook with consistent messaging and clear goals on "one platform"

Our PRM software takes care of not just partner recruitment, but also channel partner training and onboarding and channel engagement to ensure your channel partner network is as strong, knowledgeable, and as engaged and well-equipped to sell as direct sales teams.

sales enablement tool offers lead generation via landing pages