Use our PRM Software to understand how each partner is performing and motivate them through the right incentive and rewards program

Building effective channel incentive and reward programs is an important element of Partner Relationship Management. There are many elements that fall under the umbrella of reward programs and managing each one of them efficiently is challenging. Plus, your partners may be quite diverse with each set of partners appreciating something more than the other. In such an environment, how do you keep everyone motivated and happy?

At Mindmatrix, we believe that the key to building effective channel incentive and rewards programs is having a complete understanding of your channel partners; this is why Mindmatrix Partner Relationship Management software is powered with the most comprehensive Rewards and Incentives module.

With Mindmatrix Partner Relationship Management Software, you can gauge how your channel partners interact with your business

Mindmatrix Partner Relationship Management Software gives you access to key channel analytics and data that help you gain a deeper insight into channel partner activities with complete, 360-degree partner visibility that helps you understand which of your channel partners are truly engaged with their business. Insight into their activities such as whitepaper downloads, email opens, website visits, certifications sought, webinars attended—all offer you a deeper realization of your channel partner’s commitment to your business

Understanding the channel engagement index and partner performance allows you to make informed channel partner management decisions and create relevant channel partner incentive and rewards programs that truly motivate..

Mindmatrix Partner Relationship Management software also covers every aspect of channel partner incentive and rewards including MDF and deal registration.

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