Marketing automation software that ensures your sales and marketing teams have access to the most recent version of the sales and marketing materials

How organized is your asset creation process? Do you find your salespeople struggling with multiple versions of the same collateral? Are your salespeople creating multiple versions themselves and using it at individual levels? How sure are you that all your salespeople and channel partners having access to the most recent version of all the sales and marketing materials?

Mindmatrix marketing automation software resolves this challenge with its asset approval and expiration feature. Whenever an asset is created, you can program the system to prevent unauthorized use of the asset. When the asset approval option is turned on for an asset, your salespeople or channel partners won’t be able to use that asset until they get an approval from the administrator. This prevents unauthorized or incorrect usage of assets.

Similarly, if there is a time-bound asset, you can make the asset unavailable beyond a set date by specifying an expiration date or a validity period for the asset. Use this feature to ensure you don’t send out tradeshow invitations or discount coupons that are past their dates. Also, when a new version of an asset is released, you can set a date for the older version so it is no longer accessible.

With Mindmatrix marketing automation software, you don’t have to worry about your salespeople and channel partners not using the latest and most accurate versions of sales and marketing collateral.

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