Better lead management through automated lead scoring, lead nurturing, lead segmentation and lead routing

Lead Management with Marketing Automation

It is always a trick discerning where a prospect sits on the buying process continuum. Are they just becoming aware? Or are they seeking specific data? Maybe they are ready to buy. To create an impact and generate sales, you need to have complete knowledge of your prospect's status. Mindmatrix sales enablement software not only offers you information about a prospect's interest, but allows you to use that knowledge to automatically respond to them at every stage of the buying cycle.

Mindmatrix consolidates prospect interactions across various touch-points. This module helps you understand your prospect's mindset so you can respond better to their needs. Using Mindmatrix, you can—

  • Focus on quality leads by accessing vital lead-related data, such as lead source and lead footprints
  • Personalize your approach toward prospects and refine your marketing and sales strategy based on the segmentation
  • Sell more effectively by gaining in-depth insight into prospect data through lead-based reports
  • Track and evaluate lead responses to any sales campaign or tactics and alter your efforts as needed

Mindmatrix Sales Enablement Software allows you to engage in superior lead management and drive revenue through a well-targeted and efficient sales approach.

Here's how it works:

Manage your leads effectively across the sales funnel

Ineffective lead management is the root cause of poor sales performance. Generating the right leads and passing them onto sales at the right time is the key to improving sales effectiveness. Our sales enablement software allows you to manage your leads effectively throughout the sales cycle—irrespective of their position in the sales funnel.

Lead scoring that lets you focus on the leads most likely to yield optimum revenues

Mindmatrix sales enablement software’s lead scoring functionality develops a reasoned, relevant process for scoring leads, then ranks them based on various well-defined parameters such as lead behavior, lead characteristics and other custom conditions. With Mindmatrix, you get access to real-time, dynamic lead scores from prospect interactions across all avenues such as social media, blogs, websites, landing pages, emails, customer care centers and more.

Gauge the interest level of your prospects better and refine your marketing and sales strategy accordingly. Decide which leads need to be pursued aggressively, which ones need to be cultivated and which ones are to be classified as cold. Mindmatrix’s lead scoring module is fully customizable, allowing you to create scoring criteria that fit your industry.

Lead nurturing programs to effectively stay in touch with leads through every stage of the sales funnel

Engage in effective lead nurturing programs. Our sales enablement software analyzes lead behavior and helps you recognize the interest and engagement level of each prospect. Develop personalized lead nurturing programs that effectively drive leads from cold to warm and finally, hot.

Nurturing leads with Mindmatrix is an easy and visual experience. Marketing can create the nurturing drips in 3 simple steps and run the lead nurturing campaigns on behalf of the salespeople.

Lead segmentation & routing

Mindmatrix PRM sales enablement software offers smart lead segmentation and routing capabilities Whenever a lead flows in at the corporate level, through whatever means, Mindmatrix automatically assigns it to a channel partner based on pre-set parameters specified by the vendor. These parameters include zip code, expertise, partnership levels or other attributes as specified the vendor at the corporate level. The platform also supports round-robin or priority routing. Our smart lists automatically segment your contacts into various groups—in real time, based on the pre-set conditions defined by you. Create smart lists based on ANY condition of your choice—prospect characteristics such as age, location, gender, industry vertical, etc…or prospect behavior, such as email opens, link clicks, website visits and more! Mindmatrix then automatically assigns these leads to your salespeople or channel partners and also send emails/SMS to the smart list contacts on their behalf.

marketing automation offers lead management, lead scoring & lead segmentation routing

sales automation tool offers Lead management-partner relationship management