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Creating sales quotes, filling tenders and bids can take up considerable amount of your sales team’s time when they should actually be selling. We offer complete back-end support encompassing every stage from sorting to billing and beyond.

At Mindmatrix we have a specialized team that you can deploy to perform such ancillary sales tasks on-time with accuracy and without straining your resources. Here’s what our team can do for you:

  • sorting

    Sorting through bid specs and listing items that need to be quoted based on the brands that the dealers represent

  • purchase order

    Entering Purchase Order information into the CRM including filing the attachment, emails, dollar amount, etc.

  • attachments

    Filing sales order acknowledgment into CRM(Attachments)

  • crm

    Entering "products" into CRM including the dollar amount per quote for each brand on individual opportunities

  • updating

    Updating opportunity/project status(Closed/Won) in CRM

  • accounting

    Accounting tasks such as payment reconciliation, commission reporting, etc.

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We offer complete back-end support encompassing
every stage from sorting to billing and beyond.

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Enjoy increased sales productivity as you take the pressure of additional tasks off your salespeople.
Outsource your quoting services to us and stop worrying over whether your salespeople are sending the quotes or bidding on time or not. We have a team of experienced professionals to ensure your bids and quotes happen on time. Moreover, we have a strong quality control and quote audit process, so you don’t have to worry about the accuracy of your quotes, tenders and bids.