Marketing Automation Software with email marketing tools that work to keep your brand on top of your prospect’s minds

Email marketing is one of the most efficient ways to reach out to your prospects. It helps you connect with your prospects and customers without being too pushy. Plus, email is a great medium to nurture your leads and stay in touch with them throughout the sales cycle. Email is instant, fast, cheap and easy.

But, with email marketing becoming all too common, how can you differentiate yourself from everyone else in the market? Mindmatrix sales automation platform offers powerful email marketing tools that help you build amazing email campaigns that work to keep your brand on top of your prospect’s mind even when you are busy with other tasks. Here’s how Mindmatrix sales automation platform takes your email marketing efforts a notch higher—

  • Personalization: Mindmatrix sales automation platform personalizes your email (both text and image elements) to match your prospect’s behavior or characteristics. For example, Sid from Sydney will get an email for the Grand Summer Sale in January, whereas Sally in Pittsburgh will get an email about the Winter Sale.
  • Tracking: Mindmatrix sales automation platform tracks your prospect’s response to your email marketing campaigns and adjusts your prospects scores accordingly so you know which lead is hot, based on their interest levels. Every email open, every link click is tracked and scored for you.
  • Creation of mailing lists: Our sales automation platform also adds your contacts into various mailing groups—in real time, based on the pre-set conditions defined by you.
  • Alerts and notifications: You can also use the Mindmatrix sales automation platform to generate real-time alerts and notifications on your cell phone in the event of a specific response to your email. For example, someone requested a demo by replying to your email? Mindmatrix sales automation platform can generate an SMS alert so you can call them immediately.

Email marketing was never this simple, powerful or smart!

email marketing(campaign) with marketing automation software