Successful partner marketing means nurturing great B2B relationships while supporting geographically-dispersed distribution channels. As a manufacturer, your success depends on how well your distributors market and sell your brand.

Mindmatrix offers partner marketing and dealer enablement solutions for manufacturing and distribution companies, we make dealer marketing effective and efficient. Take your partner marketing to the next level by staying connected with your dealers and multiple distribution channels in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Mindmatrix’s partner marketing solution ensures your distributors are able to market and sell your product effectively. With ready-made templates for landing pages, emails, playbooks and lead nurturing campaigns, along with complete visibility and prospect tracking, Mindmatrix gives you a complete solution for enabling your dealers and distributors.

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Here’s more about how our partner marketing and dealer enablement solution
benefits manufacturers and dealers

360-degree prospect tracking that allows you, your dealers and distributors to have a personalized conversation with prospects

Mindmatrix integrates with most leading CRMs to ensure a single point of usage for your dealers and distributors via asset, campaign, playbook and contact integration