Channel marketing software with content syndication feature to enable your franchisees and channel partners to engage in local marketing effectively

Mindmatrix channel marketing automation software offers content syndication of sales and marketing assets to third party sites and partner portals for use at the local level. With its “on-behalf-of” functionality, Mindmatrix channel marketing automation software allows you to run campaigns and send out emails on behalf of your local channels. This means you leverage the capabilities of your internal marketing team while driving leads for your channel partners.

Mindmatrix channel marketing automation software makes partner marketing easy by giving you an interface to create everything channel partners need from your corporate offices. You can create customized email campaigns, social media campaigns, landing pages, advertising campaigns and sales materials right from the Mindmatrix interface and automatically customize those assets for each of your channel partners, helping them engage in local marketing effectively; while you still retain control over your brand and messaging.

content syndication with channel marketing-partner relationship management