Make the most of your webinar marketing with Mindmatrix channel marketing software

Webinars are a great way to attract leads and Mindmatrix channel marketing software can make your webinars even more effective at lead generation. When you hold a webinar at the corporate level, how do you tell your prospects about it? Does the email invitation go out from your corporate marketing team? Or perhaps your salespeople or channel partners forward your emails to their leads. What if you could promote your webinars at local, channel partner levels? Mindmatrix channel marketing software’s webinar syndication tool makes this a reality.

Using Mindmatrix channel marketing software, you can build powerful landing pages and email campaigns promoting your webinars, customize them for your channel partners/sales teams and send them to your prospects on behalf of your channel partners and salespeople. That’s not all. Mindmatrix channel marketing software also takes care of the leads upon registration by routing them to the right channel partner/salespeople based on predefined rules. Mindmatrix also synchronizes your contacts between the two platforms in real-time, so they can target the webinar registrants in other marketing/sales campaigns without having to import their contact information from the webinar platform.

webinar syndication for channel marketing-partner relationship management