A collection of data for use in templates and related collateral

Mindmatrix channel marketing automation is equipped with product database functionality. The product database is a collection of all information related to your products/services. It acts as a central storage for the visual and textual content that is used in your marketing or sales collateral. You can add product/service data (including text and images) as database records into the Mindmatrix channel marketing automation platform.

You can use the database relations function to create relationships between the different database fields and use the newly created relations to depict the exact information needed at any given time. Also, any change made to one of the fields will be reflected in the relational database automatically, thereby saving you the time and effort involved in updating data.

Since the information in your marketing and sales collateral will be pulled from the database, any change to the information in the database would automatically reflect across all your marketing and sales collateral, allowing for easy modification of data as required, thus saving time and eliminating re-work and reproduction costs.

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