Channel marketing software to help you engage in powerful social media and email marketing campaigns on behalf of your salespeople and channel partners

The key to effective marketing is to keep at it…consistently. But, are your salespeople and channel partners too busy selling to be consistent in social media or email marketing? Mindmatrix channel marketing software offers you a way to ensure your salespeople and channel partners are consistently pushing your products and services on social media and via emails without taking their focus away from their main task at hand—selling.

Presenting the ‘on-behalf marketing’ module of Mindmatrix channel marketing software that helps you send emails and update social media pages on behalf of your salespeople and channel partners. The whole process is as simple as A…B…C. While your sales team and channel partners are off selling, Mindmatrix channel marketing software works with you behind the scenes to help build their personal brand and relationship with clients to help them close more leads, faster.

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