Channel Marketing Software help you identify what your channel partners are up to

As a business selling through multiple channel partners, you understand the importance of channel engagement. However, attaining the desired channel engagement level seems like an elusive goal. Mindmatrix channel marketing platform helps you attain that elusive goal…here’s how.

Greater channel partner visibility

Mindmatrix partner marketing platform lets you gauge how your channel partners interact with your business. Insight into their activities such as whitepaper downloads, email opens, website visits, certifications sought, webinars attended—all offer you a deeper realization of your channel partner’s commitment to your business. Understanding the channel engagement index allows you to make informed channel partner management decisions.

Coach your channel partners better

Mindmatrix channel marketing platform helps you see which assets your channel partners are using with what prospects, at what stages of the sales cycle. You can use this information to coach your channel partners who are not using the right assets for the right types of prospects at the right time, improving your channel partner’s close rate and increasing your revenue.

channel sales enablement software with lead registration feature
channel engagement analytics for channel marketing-partner relationship management