All enterprises have one goal in common – to improve sales and bottom line profits. Many rely on channel partners and distributors as a way to achieve this. However, it isn’t always easy to manage multiple sales channels. How do you ensure your solution gets the right amount of attention from your channel partners? Partner enablement(PRM) is the answer to this question.

Many vendors are finding it challenging to blend their channel partners into their organizations. At Mindmatrix, we know that not every channel partner may share your marketing vision or know your business and target market as well as you do. This is why Mindmatrix has a team of PRM experts to help you drive your channel partners in the right direction.

Mindmatrix offers multiple partner enablement(PRM) solutions to increase your channel partners' sales. We help you engage and empower your channel partners to sell more. Companies that focus on engagement, participation and partnerships can dramatically improve their channel partner’s performance with Mindmatrix. Our 30-60-90 model focuses on engagement, participation, and partnerships to help dramatically improve your channel partner's performance Our PRM experts work with you to understand your channel sales model and then recommend the right partner enablement solutions to help engage your channel partners, build strong partner relationships and boost sales.

Our PRM experts are available to help you
  • Manage your channel sales model better
  • Create high-impact localized sales assets for channel partners
  • Enable your channel partners to spend more time on selling rather than other ancillary tasks
  • Enable your channel partners to maintain your sales and marketing activities consistently
  • Engage your channel partners better
  • Build great channel success programs