Asset management software - a must-have for sales enablement

Sales and marketing asset management software plays a key role in successfully enabling a sales organization. Mindmatrix asset management module makes sales and marketing asset management an integral part of your sales enablement efforts.

Single storage repository

The Mindmatrix asset management module serves as a single storage repository for all your sales and marketing assets. Whether it is your sales presentation, proposal document, a marketing video, a landing page or an email—you can store it in the Mindmatrix sales enablement software and make it available to your users.

Asset usage tracking

As per the American Marketing Association, about 90% of the collateral created by marketing teams for sales channels goes unused. Isn't that a sheer waste of time and resources? Mindmatrix asset management module brings more efficiency into the collateral creation process by helping you determine which sales assets are most popular among your salespeople or channel partners by tracking asset usage accurately, get reports as to which sales emails are most often used, which brochures are your sales team's favorite and which video is shared the most by your channel partners and so on. Then, use this information to channelize your marketing team's collateral creation efforts more productively.

Mobile access to assets

The Mindmatrix asset management module offers mobile access to assets thus allowing marketing and sales networks to access the assets as and when required.

Helps maintain brand integrity and meet compliance regulations

Mindmatrix asset management module maintains the accuracy of marketing and sales materials by synchronizing information between both sales and marketing, which lends consistency in terms of branding, company information, and product/service details.

Being a single platform for capture and storage of all brand-related information and having a template-driven approach to sales and marketing assets creation, our asset management module keeps your marketing and sales materials up-to-date by ensuring that any change to them is reflected in all relevant areas, across the board.

Content syndication for franchisees and channel partners

Mindmatrix asset management module gives you an interface to create everything channel partners need from your corporate offices—print materials, web materials, emails, social media collateral and more…and customize them for your channel partners and their market, helping them engage in local marketing effectively.

effective-sales-and-marketing-asset-management-partner relationship management

effective-sales-and-marketing-asset-management-partner relationship management