Search and find the asset you need instantly with our Asset Management Software's global asset search

Does having to locate your sales and marketing materials feel like a treasure hunt? According to the American Marketing Association, salespeople spend 30 hours a month searching for and creating their own selling materials. Our sales enablement software can help you cut down this time drastically through its global asset search feature. With Mindmatrix sales enablement software, your salespeople and channel partners can locate the right sales or marketing asset quickly without having to fish through multiple folders. Mindmatrix sales enablement software makes this happen by allowing the asset owner to add filters and tags to the assets and by having a global asset search engine that cuts across all asset categories. You can also narrow your search results by asset types, making it even easier to locate the asset.

So, whether it is that sales presentation or the product brochure or the tradeshow invitation, you can access it in a few clicks, without embarking on a ‘treasure hunt’.

Searching for Assets becomes easy with sales automation software