Our Asset Management Software lets you gauge the popularity of your sales and marketing assets with our asset rating and feedback system

According to the American Marketing Association, salespeople don’t use 90% of marketing deliverables. That probably means 90% of the assets provided by the marketing team is considered of little or no use by sales. What if there was a way to convey this information to the marketing team? That’s just what the Mindmatrix channel sales enablement software offers—a system to secure feedback and rating of your sales and marketing assets from the end users.

Mindmatrix channel sales enablement software not only tracks the performance of the assets used by your salespeople and channel partners, but also allows them to rate the asset for effectiveness. Rating the assets is simple and only takes a click. That way your marketing team gets a clear idea of what your salespeople like and don’t, which in turn helps them design and deliver materials that are more effective and are actually used!

marketing automation tool offers asset feedback tracking-partner relationship management