Congratulations on your decision to expand your sales network! Now it’s time to choose a partner who can support you in your goals. While there may be others offering a channel enablement solution, here’s why Mindmatrix stands out:

  • Mindmatrix is the ONLY service provider in the industry that offers you a complete package—direct, channel, PRM, sales and distributed marketing enablement on a single platform
  • We have almost 20 years of industry experience in sales, channel and marketing enablement
  • With Mindmatrix, corporate marketing and sales have the visibility to both - direct and indirect sales right from one platform
  • We help you effectively repurpose the strategy, sales process, and messaging that works for your direct sales model and apply to your growing channel program
  • We know that our work doesn’t end once you buy the platform, which is why we offer a range of concierge, support and training services to help you make the most of your investment in us
  • We have served clients across multiple industry verticals including hi-tech, IT, services, manufacturing, distribution, real estate, insurance and more
  • We understand that every client is unique, which is why we can customize our platform to your requirements

Here’s how it works: