Persona Type: Corporate Marketing, Channel marketing

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Director of Marketing /
    VP Marketing
  • Marketing manager/
    Channel marketing manager

Key Challenges

  • Sales and marketing assets and campaign performance visibility
  • Sales and marketing asset usage visibility
  • Lead visibility
  • Ensuring the corporate brand is intact in terms of content, design and messaging
  • Managing the leads, keeping them engaged and ensuring the right ones are passed to sales and channels


How do we support your partners?

Channel Partners

  • Custom partner marketing portal
  • Personalized marketing content generation
  • Detailed lead reporting
  • Lead nurturing of local leads
  • LinkedIn lead generation
  • Content syndication
  • Local marketing
  • Detailed analytics
  • Social media automation
  • Lead generation, management, and tracking
  • 360 lead analytics
  • Web site analytics
  • MDF fund requests

Experience the most sophisticated, comprehensive, end-to-end, partner marketing platform in the industry!

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