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Here's how our Marketing Automation Tools have helped our clients succeed

Read on to know how MindMatrix assisted these companies attain better sales-marketing alignment through its marketing automation tools.

Company Name:
Business model:
Challenge(s): Brand management, marketing materials creation, lead generation

Here's how MindMatrix helped Vemma Brand Partners:

Vemma operates on a home-based business model and this meant that each Vemma brand partner was like a separate sales group. Adding to the challenge was the fact that most of their brand partners operated from home and often had little or no experience in sales and marketing. Many didn't know what to say or how to make that perfect sales pitch so that people would listen. That's when Vemma approached MindMatrix. MindMatrix custom-designed marketing automation tools for Vemma that helped Vemma Brand Partners take their Vemma Businesses to the next level. MindMatrix's marketing automation tools were to put together—especially for Vemma, a bunch of pre-packaged, branded, ready-to-use marketing and sales templates, personalized websites, landing pages and lead generation programs.

This is what Vemma has to say:

"MindMatrix's marketing automation tools have proved to be the best marketing and sales tool for Vemma Brand Partners as we don't have to worry about what to say or how to say it anymore. It gives us wonderful lead insights, helping them focus on the right prospects, closing deals faster!"

—Thomas Vogel, Vemma Brand Partner

Company Name:
SDC Nutrition
Business model:
Online Business distribution and retail
Challenge(s): Growing online business, up-selling

Here's how MindMatrix helped SDC Nutrition:

SDC Nutrition is a leading nutrition supplement manufacturer located in Pittsburgh. SDC wanted to grow their online business and be able to cross-sell and up-sell to their existing customers. MindMatrix proposed and implemented intelligent prospecting, social media marketing and campaign management solutions for SDC. Since most of SDC's business happened online, using MindMatrix's solutions, SDC was able to track every aspect of prospect behavior. Not only that, MindMatrix's intelligent campaign management module made sure that SDC's marketing campaigns were always automatically adjusted to suit prospect behavior—thus yielding the best results for SDC. Not just that, MindMatrix also played a key role in SDC's entry into social media marketing which helped SDC build a stronger brand presence online.

This is what SDC Nutrition has to say:

"MindMatrix solutions helped us drive more sales and increased revenue through their next generation approach to web based marketing. With a 360° prospect view, our marketing was on target, helping us enjoy the results we were seeking."

—Sean Marszalek, Chief Executive Officer, SDC Nutrition

Company Name:
Business model:
Electrical product distributor
Challenge(s): Growing the distributorship, e-mail marketing and inventory management

Here's how MindMatrix helped Transtech:

As an electrical products distributor TransTech was looking for ways to streamline their distribution and inventory management process. They also wanted to put an efficient marketing system in place. MindMatrix suggested its e-marketing and collateral creation solution to TransTech. These solutions helped TransTech create and disseminate marketing and sales materials of multiple types—on demand. The data repository offered by MindMatrix also helped TransTech communicate more efficiently with its channel partners.

This is what TransTech has to say:

"When we put MindMatrix on this job, we found solutions to all our challenges under one roof. Their e-mail marketing tool helped us create, send and track our e-mail marketing efforts very easily. We could grow our distributorship, thanks to their easy-to-use, yet effective marketing collateral creation solution. Not just that, MindMatrix's solutions offered a transparent platform for us to communicate with our suppliers and customers alike, truly streamlining our inventory management process and making it more efficient."

—PJ Nagpaul, Transtech Technologies

Company Name:
Velocity Healthcare
Business model:
Healthcare provider
Challenge(s): Working with different hospitals and doctors' offices

Here's how MindMatrix helped Velocity Healthcare:

Velocity Healthcare provides healthcare professionals to healthcare facilities on an ongoing and permanent basis. In order to be successful in the highly stressful and highly competitive US healthcare environment, Velocity had to be on their toes constantly and approach different hospitals and doctors' offices with their service offerings. They were looking for ways to do this efficiently and effectively. That's when they roped in MindMatrix. MindMatrix's marketing automation tools provided Velocity with a complete package of tools that they needed to grow their business with multiple hospitals.

This is what Velocity Healthcare has to say:

"MindMatrix's solutions empowered us with varied marketing avenues, intelligent prospect tracking abilities, intuitive e-mail marketing tools—all of which helped us develop a strong foothold. Thanks to MindMatrix, we have been able to assist many reputed hospitals and doctors obtain competent healthcare professionals on time."

—Justin Bass, Director Marketing, Velocity Healthcare

Company Name:
Surmount Energy Solutions
Business model:
Providers of Green Building Consulting, CCTV, Home Safety & Surveillance and Home Automation
Challenge(s): Sales team spread across 8 cities, establishing brand awareness

Here's how MindMatrix helped Surmount Energy:

Surmount Energy is a leader in Green Building Consulting; Automation Solutions for Home, Township & Offices; and CCTV, Home Safety & Surveillance and Property & Facility Management Software. The automation solutions offered under the BuildTrack™ brand are designed to meet the safety, security, comfort or convenience needs in a broad range of residential, commercial or retail situations. As a growing brand in these areas, Surmount approached MindMatrix to accelerate their growth faster. Also, Surmount's sales team was spread across 8 cities which made marketing co-ordination a problem. MindMatrix'sAMP—Automated Marketing Platform took care of all of Surmount Energy's marketing and sales needs including marketing and sales collateral creation, e-mail marketing, prospecting and brand management.

This is what Surmount Energy has to say:

"With MindMatrix into the picture, everything changed for the better. Marketing was no longer a bottle neck since MindMatrix'smarketing automation solutions allowed creation of marketing and sales materials on-demand—while keeping the branding and other elements intact. It also helped us strengthen the presence of our brand through social and web media marketing tools.”

—Balbir Khera, CEO, Surmount Energy

Company Name:
Coldwell Commercial Banker
Business model:
Real Estate Brokerage
Challenge(s): Multiple mundane tasks including research work, marketing materials creation and e-mail campaign creation and monitoring were challenging for the brokers who had to concentrate on more important things

Here's how MindMatrix helped Coldwell Banker Commercial:

MindMatrix offered a complete solution for Coldwell Banker Commercial that included intelligent e-mail marketing tools, marketing and sales material creation services for real estate marketing collateral. Plus, MindMatrix also provided Coldwell Banker Commercial with able and efficient virtual assistance services.They could get their property research work, floor-plan, site-plan re-works or multi-property flyers and offering memorandums created on time through MindMatrix, while they focused on more important things like business development.

This is what Coldwell Banker Commercial has to say:

"MindMatrix's platform ensures that our brokers are able to quickly create marketing brochures and email campaigns. This saves them time, which allows them to be more effective in the field, supporting their clients.."

—John Boyer, Coldwell Banker Commercial